Umbrella insurance that’s prepared for you

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Keep yourself and your family covered,
no matter what happens

Standard homeowners and auto policies provide minimal liability coverage, which can put the overall value of your home, vehicles, savings and investments at risk.

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    Protect your financial security and future well-being

    If you’re named in a lawsuit, an umbrella insurance policy can cover attorney fees, medical costs and other charges that exceed the limits of your basic policies. So you’re never left high and dry.
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    Safeguard your assets and complex financials

    If you own several properties, vehicles, businesses or other valuable assets, a VIU by HUB Advisor can provide customized umbrella insurance quotes and confirm that you’re covered for what you need.
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    Equip yourself against everyday risk

    Whether you‘re a rental purveyor or a frequent traveler, or even if you just have a hot tub or a pool on premises, the right umbrella insurance can keep you covered from every angle.
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The VIU Point is here to help you make sense of it all, so you can confidently compare umbrella insurance quotes and make the best policy decisions overall.