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Welcome to Prattville, AL

Located in central Alabama, Prattville is a growing community that's part of the Montgomery metropolitan area. Nicknamed "The Fountain City" due to several artesian wells in the region, its name comes from its founder: architect and builder Daniel Pratt. Established in 1839. the community grew thanks to its proximity to Autauga Creek and its ability to supply power. 

Prattville grew into an industrial center throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Today, it's a thriving town with a rich history and a stable economy. The U.S. Census Bureau estimated Prattville's population at 38,776 in 2022, a growth of 2.7% since 2022. 

Prattville's median household income in 2021 was $65,932. growing by 2.04% since 2020. Area residents work in a wide range of occupations: sales and retail, educational instruction and libraries, management, office and administrative support and production. 

Homeownership in Prattville

In Prattville, 63% of area residents own their homes. The city's median home value is $225,385. reflecting an increase of 8.71% over the last year. Property values have appreciated in several neighborhoods since 2000, including Wadsworth-Washington Hill, New Prospect-Oak Grove and Prattville West. Single-family homes make up 75.6% of local residences.

A Guide to Home Insurance in Prattville, AL

Home insurance offers protection against major financial losses. Covered events usually include fires, lightning, high winds, hail, vandalism, malicious mischief and theft. Comprehending how coverage and costs work can guide you in choosing the best policy for your home. 

Home Insurance Rates in Prattville

Prattville homeowners pay an average of $2,095 per year for coverage, breaking down to $175 per month. That's lower than the state average but higher than the national average annual rate of $1,820.

Individual rates may vary, with influencing factors including the home's age, value and location. Unique risks such as flooding, hurricanes and wildfires can increase premiums. Finally, a homeowner's claims history and credit score affect what they'll pay for coverage. 

Prattville Homeowners' Risk Factors

Prattville has a moderate flooding risk, according to the website Risk Factor. Within the city, 12% of properties face a 26% or greater risk of severe flooding over the next 30 years. Prattville has a severe wind risk, with 66% of homes vulnerable to hurricane damage. The city also has a moderate wildfire risk, impacting 99& of all homes in the area.

Components of Your Home Policy

Home insurance covers your home and its contents but also offers other protections against financial losses. Most policies come with four core components :

  • Structure: Your home's buildings, both attached and unattached
  • Personal property: Clothing, furniture, kitchenware, electronics, toys, games and other personal effects
  • Liability: Bodily injuries and property damage caused by you, your family members, or your pets
  • Additional living expenses: Lodging, meals and other costs of living away from home during a covered loss

Some risks specific to Prattville homeowners, including wildfires and wind damage, are covered by standard home policies. Flooding, however, is not. The National Flood Insurance Program offers flood insurance. which can be added to your policy package.

Your Solution for Home Insurance in Prattville, AL

You worked hard to achieve your homeownership dream. Safeguard that dream with personalized home insurance in Prattville, AL. Obtain quotes, examine policy options and buy the best coverage for your home directly with VIU by HUB. 

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