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The Speed Capital of Arizona

Everything in Avondale seems built for speed, from the city's rich NASCAR history to its accelerated growth. A popular bedroom suburb located just 15 miles from Downtown Phoenix, this city has exploded from a population of under 40,000 in 2000 to almost 90,000 a few decades later. With this expansion comes increased comfort and convenience for residents, but also more traffic. Investing in high-quality car insurance is a smart decision in Avondale.

This city is where the exciting Phoenix Raceway holds NASCAR Xfinity Series races, NASCAR Cup Series championship race weekends, and NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series races, making it a must-visit location for race fans in and out of Arizona. The I-10 near Avondale consistently has a high volume of traffic: about 150,000 vehicles on any given day! On race weekends, the number of drivers can rise significantly, with the Phoenix Raceway adding 40,000+ attendees to the mix.

The Dangers of High-Speed Driving on Arizona Highways

Hitting upwards of 180 mph works great for NASCAR tracks, but excess speed on the highway is just asking for trouble. In 2022 alone, Avondale roads saw over 1,600 car crashes, 600 injuries from accidents and six fatalities. That's an average of 30 crashes and almost 12 people injured daily.

Speeding is the number one driver violation connected with car crashes in the region, causing 15% of car accidents and more than 11,000 injuries every year. In comparison, running red lights only causes about 2.5% of crashes.

These statistics highlight the importance of choosing Avondale car insurance that you can trust to keep your family safe. VIU by HUB makes it easy to compare coverage limits for your budget.

Driving Risks for Avondale Commuters

Being so close to Phoenix, Avondale benefits from a few metro transportation options, such as Valley Metro Bus lines. In practice, however, the vast majority of residents use a personal vehicle to commute to work or college. Approximately 75% of local households drive alone to work and another 12% carpool.

If you use your vehicle every day, you're not alone. About 95% of families in Avondale own a car, and most have two or three. Outside of commuting to work or school, you probably use your vehicle to go shopping, visit friends, check out local parks or take your family somewhere fun.

That said, driving every day to Phoenix or Mesa means you face increased car accident risks. These cities dwarf the 1,600 crashes in Avondale. Just in Phoenix, there are nearly 40,000 crashes every year! The more time you spend on the road, the more you should consider investing in additional coverage for your car insurance, such as collision insurance and personal injury coverage.

Family Choices for Avondale Car Insurance

In Avondale, the average full-coverage auto insurance policy is around $1,800 a year, right on the nose for Arizona's average. Price is one factor when selecting car insurance, but it's not the only one. You can increase or reduce different areas of coverage depending on your family's needs.

Comprehensive coverage can be valuable if you live or work in neighborhoods where automobile break-ins, electronics theft or vandalism are common. If you have an especially long commute every day ” perhaps to ASU in Tempe ” it may be worth increasing your coverage limits for medical expenses after an accident.

Use VIU by HUB to effortlessly compare Avondale car insurance. Check out insurers, policy options, add-ons and coverage limits in minutes.

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