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Stay Safe in Traffic With the Right Mesa Auto Insurance

Mesa, AZ, is an exciting city to live in, with a blend of shopping, nightlife, and family-friendly destinations, including the Usery Mountain Regional Park Nature Center and Dana Park Village Square. The city also has considerable traffic, which isn't surprising with a population of about 500,000 people. Having auto insurance is a must, whether you're commuting to work, visiting one of Mesa's 40 golf courses, kayaking on the Salt River or spending the day hiking at Tonto
National Forest.

Mesa Commuting Statistics

The immense majority of workers in Mesa drive alone to work. In 2021, about 170,000 households commuted this way. Another 29,000 households have workers who carpool. Mesa does have public transportation, including light rail and buses, but less than 2% of workers use them regularly. Dependable car insurance in Mesa, AZ, is a necessity, not a luxury.

High-Profile Universities

Business professionals aren't the only ones traversing Mesa's streets and highways every day. The city has roughly 40,000 college students enrolled in a variety of well-known institutions, such as:

  • Arizona State University Polytechnic
  • A. T. Still University
  • Benedictine University
  • PIMA Medical Institute
  • Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Some students live in Mesa and others commute from the nearby cities of Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale and Tempe. With U.S. Route 60 and County Highways 101, 202 and 87 all running through Mesa, even driving to Phoenix for classes only takes about 30 minutes.

Be Aware of Car Accident Risks in Mesa

As someone who lives in Mesa, you know how warm and welcoming the city can feel. That said, you shouldn't let your guard down when you're on the road. Considering that it's one of the largest cities in the state, Mesa has more than its fair share of car accidents every year. In 2022, there were over 6,500 crashes within Mesa city limits alone. If you take into account the surrounding area, the number of accidents skyrockets to 85,000.

Rural residents who commute to Mesa, Tempe or another nearby city are far more likely to get into a car crash. A whopping 85% of accidents happen in urban areas, compared to under 15% in the country.

Detailed Crash Statistics

In the city of Mesa, there are about 2,000 injury-causing crashes each year. That's the equivalent of over five per day. In 2022, more than 2,800 people were injured in a car accident and 50 died. Even minor injuries can be expensive to treat because of the cost of X-rays, CT scans, ER visits and medications.

These costs are an important reason to compare car insurance in Mesa, AZ, with VIU by HUB. Basic auto insurance only covers the injuries of other drivers and passengers. For coverage related to your injuries, you need personal injury insurance. This type of coverage usually provides for family members, too, so it's a good investment for loved ones.

Common Causes of Crashes in Mesa

Mesa's weather is amazing in terms of road conditions, so the majority of car accidents are the fault of driver mistakes, such as:

  • Speeding (15%)
  • Drinking and driving (4.5%)
  • Following too closely (3%)
  • Ignoring traffic signs (2.5%)
  • Not yielding (9%)

Collision insurance can help repair your vehicle if you get into a single-car accident or cause a crash accidentally.

Find the Right Auto Insurance Policy

Car insurance in Mesa, AZ, costs about $160 a month. This is higher than the Arizona average, which means you may save money by shopping around. Use VIU by HUB to see what options are out there and get the right coverage for your lifestyle.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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