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Property Protection in Benton County

Bentonville, Arkansas, is most famous for being the headquarters of the retail chain Walmart. The city has 57,868 people living in it and is one of the fastest-growing areas in Arkansas. It sits in Ozark country, near the Oklahoma and Missouri borders. If you have a property here, you need to understand why home insurance could protect your investment.

Real Estate Facts and Potential Pitfalls

Bentonville residents enjoy a cost of living that is about 8% lower on average than the rest of the country. Despite the lower cost of living, real estate prices continue to increase, with the median home value at $281,800 as of 2021. About half of the city's residents are homeowners and the median household income is $89,653, designating the area as mostly middle class.

The region sits in the Northwest Arkansas Metropolitan Statistical Area, which increases the risk of earthquakes, floods and tornadoes. Wildfires, lighting, wind storms and ice storms are also potential risks to homeowners in the city. Violent crime in Bentonville is low, but property crime may be an issue. Residents have a  1 in 79 chance of experiencing a property crime. Because of these risks to properties, buyers should invest in Bentonville home insurance.

Understanding Home Insurance Premiums

Arkansas is known as one of the more expensive places to insure a home because of frequent natural disasters. Home insurance in the city could cost an average of $2,600 per year. This rate is for insuring a $300,000 with good credit. The most expensive places to insure your home in the area are Bentonville South and the Oakwood Heights neighborhoods due to higher rates of crime. 

There are lots of strategies to get a cheaper home insurance rate. Start by searching for home insurance with VIU by HUB to compare different premiums and prices from multiple providers. Next, repair your credit by paying down debt and avoiding late payments. You can also arm your home with safety features, such as burglar alarms, security cameras, sprinklers and water leak monitors to get a deeper discount on home insurance.

Home Insurance Explained

After buying a home in Bentonville, you have the option of acquiring home insurance, and comparing insurers and policies with VIU by HUB. Mortgage holders are usually required to have home insurance added to their loan payments so the lender protects the asset. Payments go to the hazard insurance provider each month or year to protect the dwelling, items inside and liability of the homeowner from covered events. Covered perils include:

  • Fire
  • Winter Weather
  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Vehicle Collision
  • Theft or Vandalism

Each insurance provider offers specifics about which events are covered under the homeowner's policy. The provider and the homeowner work together to develop custom coverage limits for each event. Most home insurance policies provide coverage for repairing or rebuilding the home at its current market value. Additionally, belongings inside may have a coverage limit depending on the average value of items inside of a typical home in the area.

Some homeowners need to buy extra home insurance for events that are not covered by their basic policy. Floods, earthquakes, identity theft and coverage for expensive jewelry or other high-end items may need an add-on policy.

Enjoy Peace of Mind With a Home Insurance Policy

Protecting your property is important if you want to avoid a financial catastrophe. Use VIU by HUB for all of your Bentonville home insurance questions as you compare insurers and policies so you can rest assured you have the coverage you need.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.



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