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Secure the Best Holyoke, Colorado, (CO) Home Insurance

Holyoke, CO, may not be a big city, but the small-town atmosphere gives it a big pull. As a home rule municipality, residents enjoy the freedoms they have. With a low crime rate and acceptable cost of living, many residents are putting down roots and purchasing homes. Whether your home is up near the golf course, or down near the schools, there are always risks that come with homeownership and you’ll need the right Holyoke home insurance to cover all the bases.

Risks Involved in Home Ownership

Insurance isn’t a legal requirement when you purchase a home, but most mortgage companies require it as a part of your contract. When you’re looking into Holyoke, CO home insurance, there are a lot of risks to consider. Some perils come standard in most policies and others require a special policy if you want complete coverage. With the typical hot summers and cold winters in Colorado, you have some special considerations for Holyoke home insurance, including:

  • Cold Temperatures – In December and January, Holyoke, CO will experience some cold temperatures, which often causes frozen pipes. This can become a serious and expensive issue but can be included in your Holyoke home insurance policy.
  • Fire – Accidents happen, as do naturally occurring fires, and you should protect your home should a fire burn part or all of it. You’ll also need that protection against smoke damage and water damage after the fire.
  • Winds – Whether from a tornado or a severe windstorm, the wind can cause serious damage to your home. With an average of 49.5 tornadoes per year in Colorado, this is something to take seriously.
  • Theft – Holyoke has an extremely low crime rate, but theft is at the top of the list of the small amount of crimes that take place, and something you’d want to protect against.
  • Floods – Most Holyoke home insurance policies do not include floods. You’d need to purchase a separate policy for this. While floods aren’t a huge issue in Holyoke, CO you can’t be too careful.

Types of Holyoke Home Insurance

Home insurance is a unique product that should be tailored to the specific needs of your situation. For example, you might have risks relating to farmland. You might own a vacation home or a rental property. Is yours a mobile home? Maybe a duplex? Each have unique issues that need to be met with proper Holyoke, CO home insurance. The following are some types of insurance to consider:

  • Comprehensive – This is perhaps the most popular type of home insurance, covering your entire home and all your belongings from most losses and perils. If there are any exclusions, your policy will note them.
  • Basic or Named Perils – Only certain named perils are covered for both your home and personal property in a basic or named peril policy.
  • Broad – A broad home insurance policy is a mix between comprehensive and basic. It covers your home against most perils, but personal property must be specifically mentioned for specific perils.
  • No Frills – With a no-frills policy, you have simple coverage that may not meet underwriting standards, so is often something purchased for a home paid in full.
  • Personal Liability – You’ll want personal liability home insurance coverage in case someone gets injured while on your property.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.

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