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Cruise through the Steel City with a complete auto protection plan. At VIU by HUB, we work with you to secure car insurance in Pueblo, CO, that fits your driving habits, your vehicle, and your budget. Explore the main components of a policy and find out what you can do to enjoy affordable, effective coverage. Navigate your local city of 110,000 residents with peace of mind thanks to reliable car insurance in Pueblo, CO from VIU by HUB.

Required Features: Car Insurance in Pueblo, CO

Your car insurance in Pueblo, CO, can be adjusted to fit your needs. There are, however, certain policy features that are required in the state of Colorado. Here is a breakdown of both required and optional features to protect you and your vehicle:

  • Bodily injury liability: Both bodily and property liability are required in Colorado. Bodily injury liability helps pay for medical costs if you caused an accident that led to injuries.
  • Property damage liability: Similarly, any property damage that was caused by you may be covered under property damage liability.
  • Uninsured coverage: When you’re not found at fault, but the other driver doesn’t have the proper insurance coverage, your optional uninsured coverage can help you pay medical or property damage bills.
  • Collision coverage: Accidents in which you’re at fault need collision insurance to cover the costs to your vehicle. This option is optional in Colorado.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Just because you’re not driving your car doesn’t mean it’s free from risks. Falling branches, vandalism, and other damage while you’re not driving requires professional repairs. These costs may be covered by comprehensive insurance.

Each of these policies come with many options and features. Work with your local VIU by HUB Pueblo brokers to determine the best limits and deductibles, as well as whether any optional policy is right for you. Limits set the maximum amount your insurance provider will pay in the event of a qualifying accident. Deductibles describe the amount you must pay for each incident before your policy covers the remainder.

Comprehensive and collision are excellent options for protecting your investment, particularly if you have a valuable vehicle. Explore the ways you can enjoy these coverage features while keeping an affordable premium on your insurance. 

Review the mandatory features, limits, and deductibles for your car insurance in Pueblo, CO. A local VIU by HUB agent can help you stay current with any statewide changes in insurance requirements.

How Your Insurance Rates Are Set

Once you determine the features of your policy, you can receive a quote for your car insurance in Pueblo, CO. Your monthly premium is set depending on several factors. Here are the factors used to affect your insurance rate:

  • Age
  • Driving history
  • Credit score
  • State requirements
  • Driving habits
  • Number of vehicles

These are just a few common factors that affect your insurance rates. Auto insurance providers compare claims histories of drivers across the country to determine those most and least likely to file a claim. Fewer accidents and claims results in a lower insurance rate.

Ask your VIU by HUB broker about ways to lower your Pueblo car insurance rates. You may be able to update the number of miles you drive or other features to reduce your monthly rate. You may already qualify for a lower rate or there may be some simple changes you can make to reduce your premium.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.

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