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Making a Home in Historical Hockessin

Almost 13,500 call Hockessin home. This urban neighborhood is rich in history; some of its buildings, such as Tweed's Tavern and the Hockessin Friends Meetinghouse, have stood for centuries. A beautiful nature center, a covered bridge and several parks and gardens help make Hockessin an excellent place to live.

Almost 91% of Hokessin's residents own their homes. The median price of a house is $460,800, which is almost twice the national median. These statistics emphasize the great value of high-quality home insurance in Hockessin. A homeowners policy protects you from perils that homeowners face in the area.

Whether you live on a tree-lined street in Westgate Farms, near the Pennsylvania border in Yorktowne or in the town's heart in Highland Meadows, your home is one of your biggest investments. Safeguarding it is easy with the tools at VIU by HUB. You can use them to compare quotes from multiple insurance companies. Once you have the information, you can find a policy that fits your requirements.

Risks Hockessin Homeowners Face

Delaware's weather can put homeowners at risk of several perils.


Hockessin faces the chance of freezing temperatures between October and April. Extended periods of cold weather can cause pipes to freeze, especially ones with exterior exposure. Water expands as it freezes, causing pipes to strain and burst. Additionally, water and melting snow that gets into cement cracks can expand and damage patios and driveways.


While Hockessin gets less snow than the national average, the area averages 13 inches annually. Heavy, packed snow can weaken roofs and weigh down gutters. Melting snow can creep into foundation and basement cracks. Uncleared sidewalks may present walking hazards.

Seasonal Storms

Delaware is susceptible to summer and fall hurricanes and winter nor'easters. These seasonal storms bring blizzard conditions, heavy rain and hurricane-force winds, all of which can wreak havoc on homes. Flooding, falling limbs, blowing debris and heavy snow can compromise your home's structure.

Hockessin Home Insurance Prices

A standard homeowners policy in Hockessin costs about $670 annually. which is lower than the state average. Some cities have higher averages. Coastal locations, crime rates, a high cost of living and weather risks can cause premiums to elevate.

Risks Covered by Homeowners Insurance

Your Hockessin home insurance policy pays for expenses from perils such as:

  • Theft and vandalism
  • Storms, high winds, lightning and tornadoes
  • Ice storms, blizzards and heavy snowfall
  • Fire, smoke and soot damage
  • HVAC, plumbing and electrical system damage

Standard policies do not include flood insurance, but they do cover sudden, accidental water damage, such as from a burst pipe.

Types of Coverage in a Homeowners Policy

Your home insurance policy includes several coverages:

  • Physical damage to the home's structure - walls, roof, windows, doors, foundation, floors, etc.
  • Your belongings - furniture, clothing, electronics, jewelry, sports equipment, appliances, etc.
  • Liability for injury and property damage
  • Additional living expenses if you temporarily leave your home during repairs

You can purchase more coverage for high-priced items such as jewelry, furs or art. Your insurance company may offer other coverage types, such as identity protection, debris removal, personal umbrella insurance and more.

Protect Your Home and Ensure Peace of Mind

VIU by HUB can help you compare insurance companies and policies. The online tools let you review options and rates from multiple insurers. Once you have the information, you can select the right Hockessin home insurance for your requirements. Comparing policies with VIU by HUB can help you save time and money.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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