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Drive With Confidence in the Peach State

Alpharetta sees thousands of cars pass through its streets each day, but car insurance in Alpharetta can help you travel confidently through this Atlanta suburb. recognized Alpharetta as one of the best suburbs in Georgia, but the popularity and attraction that the area holds increase the risks of driving in the city.

Accident Potential Throughout the Area

Alpharetta is situated between the I-85 and I-575 highways, bringing millions of drivers each year through the area. Although there is a significantly higher risk for accidents during periods of rain and wintery weather, speed and distracted drivers also contribute to the more than 45,000 car accidents that occur each year in Fulton County. As a driver, your risk of getting into an accident in the area is one in four.

Accident Expenses To Expect

Car accidents can lead to several injuries, ranging from whiplash to serious disabilities from lost limbs. While Alpharetta sees at least three fatalities a year from car accidents, the greater area of Fulton County sees closer to 100 fatalities each year. The expenses of a car accident include bodily injury costs and property damage, expenses that an insurance policy can help you with. VIU by HUB can help get you the best rates on comprehensive coverage.

Why Purchase Car Insurance in Alpharetta?

Apart from the state requirements that all registered vehicles have car insurance, you can benefit from the financial protections you receive from an insurance policy. While Atlanta is known for having public transportation options through the Metro bus and subway systems, there isn't a direct connection between the capital city and Alpharetta. This means you need a personal vehicle to get around easily.

Getting behind the wheel of a car carries the risk of getting into an accident. If you are at fault for the accident, you are liable for the costs of the damages to the other driver. Car accident claims and settlements can cost thousands of dollars, making the state's average annual car insurance premium of $1,200 a good investment. By comparing premiums from multiple insurers with VIU by HUB, you know you're getting the best protection for your budget.

What Are the Options for Car Insurance in Alpharetta?

For the best protection while on the road, your car insurance should address the financial liabilities of getting into a car accident. A basic policy meets the state's insurance requirements for bodily injury, property damage and uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

Auto Liability Coverage

To meet the expenses that come from an at-fault accident, auto liability is your first protection. This policy pays for costs related to bodily injury, property damage or death and funeral expenses. It also provides funding for a settlement or defense if the other driver files a lawsuit.


For help paying your own expenses for car damage, a collision policy pays to either replace or repair your car after an accident. The policy applies regardless of who's at fault for the accident.


When the damage done to your car wasn't the fault of an accident, comprehensive car insurance in Alpharetta will help. Damage from lightning, fallen trees or vandalism is often included in this coverage.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

Not everyone carries insurance, or enough of it to pay for your expenses, if you are the victim of an accident. This policy adds medical expense and vehicle damage coverage in these situations.

It's important to note that there are payout limits for these policies. Setting a limit that is too low could leave you facing thousands of dollars out of pocket. Shopping with VIU by HUB lets you compare policies to determine the amount of coverage you'd receive across companies, allowing you to choose the best car insurance in Alpharetta for the price.

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