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Find Coverage for Your Home in Savannah

As the oldest city in Georgia, Savannah is home to many historical residences. Whether you live in a historic district or a newer neighborhood, your house is likely to be one of your most valuable assets. The median value of owner-occupied residences in Savannah was $170,500 between 2017 and 2021 and continues to rise. VIU by HUB provides quotes for home insurance in Savannah, GA, with the level of coverage you need to protect your investment.

Why Savannah Homeowners Need Insurance

Savannah is a beautiful southern city with a lot of historical charm. Residents and tourists appreciate the city's unique architecture, park-like squares and attractions. While Savannah can be a great place to live, there are several reasons why home insurance is a must-have for your home in the "Hostess City of the South:

  • High crime rate: Savannah has a higher crime rate than 91.4% of cities in the United States. Over the last five years, violent crime has decreased and property crime has increased in Savannah.
  • Severe weather: High coastal winds, hurricanes, storm surges and tropical storms can affect this coastal city. Home insurance policies generally cover storm damage.
  • Flooding: Savannah experienced flooding as a result of Hurricane Irma in 2017 and Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Most homeowners' policies exclude flood damage, but supplemental flood insurance can protect your property from this risk.

The location of your home in Savannah factors into the risks associated with crime and coastal weather, and can affect the cost of insuring your home. Savannah has over 100 neighborhoods, and Henderson, Isle of Hope and Talahi Island are some of the safest areas. This city on the Georgia Bight, an arc in the coastline of northern Florida and Georgia, is at risk from storm surges and hurricanes that recurve up the coast.

The Cost of Home Insurance in Savannah

The average annual premium for home insurance in Georgia is $2,298, which is about $119 less than the national average. In Savannah, the average cost of homeowners insurance is $2,673, which is significantly higher than the state average. The location of Savannah on the Atlantic coast and the value of homes in the city both factor into the relatively high cost of coverage.

Policies with lower limits have lower premiums. You should expect higher premiums if you need more coverage. Provide information about the age, size, location and value of your home to compare policy quotes from VIU by HUB and choose the right level of home insurance in Savannah, GA.

Optional Coverage for Savannah Homeowners

Homeowners insurance can cover a wide range of perils, based on the type of policy you choose and the limits of your coverage. Your policy may only cover named perils or cover all perils except exclusions. The following forms of additional coverage can reduce your out-of-pocket cost to repair or replace losses in excess of your policy limit:

  • A guaranteed replacement cost policy can cover the full cost of losses
  • You can insure valuable items, such as fine art or jewelry, separately
  • Umbrella policies can provide more liability protection

VIU by HUB makes it easy to compare the cost of home insurance in Savannah, GA, and to customize your policy. We can help you find home insurance that covers the cost of repairing damage caused by covered perils or rebuilding your home in the event of a total loss.

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