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Discover Adventure at the Gateway to North Idaho

Post Falls is a dynamic town in North Idaho that serves as the perfect gateway to the mountains and lakes that bring so much beauty to the surrounding landscape. Over the past twenty years, the city has grown 147%, and the population now sits at over 42,000. As more people move in, newly constructed houses hit the market. Once you find your dream three to four-bedroom property for under $550,000. protect your investment by choosing a comprehensive home insurance plan. 

Post Falls Demographics and Weather

As you settle into your new house, it's important to understand the lay of the land in Post Falls. The city has a strong middle-class population, and the median household income is over $65,000 per year. Only 29% of people rent, and 85% of people have lived in the same home year after year. Home insurance is a top priority among the residents of Post Falls, and finding a competitive rate on VIU by HUB is a great way to turn necessary spending into a smart financial decision.

Post Falls has a predictable climate because it is near the mountains of North Idaho. Summers are short and not overly hot, with temperatures rarely reaching more than 85 degrees. However, winter can pose a challenge with freezing temperatures of 10 to 34 degrees that stick around for more than three months of the year. Look over your home insurance in Post Falls to make sure your policy offers enough coverage for inclement weather events. Remember that you'll need to explore add-ons to your policy if you have unique home features such as an extended roof or outdoor amphitheater.

Explore the Risks of Owning a Home in Post Falls

Bad weather conditions can damage your home in Post Falls, but this presents just one danger of owning a property. When you consider that 80% of houses in the city are at risk of wildfire damage, it makes your home insurance policy that much more important. The types of coverage you'll see are:

  • External and internal property damage
  • Liability and medical payments
  • Personal property loss from theft

In Post Falls, the rate of break-ins and robbery is slightly higher than the national average. So, while the city's violent crime rates remain low, making it a safe place for families and children, there is a small chance that you might experience theft. Adjust your home insurance coverage when necessary to account for the value of goods in your home.

Investigate Premiums for Home Insurance in Post Falls

When you work out your budget to account for home insurance, you want to ensure you're getting a fair rate for your region and location. Insurance providers use many factors to calculate the cost of premiums, and the average amount that homeowners pay varies from city to city in part due to local risk factors. In Post Falls, people pay an average of $1,105 per year to insure their houses. This is lower than both the national and Idaho state averages but comparable to Boise and Coeur d'Alene.

Protect Your Home and Future in Post Falls

Having home insurance is key to building your confidence as a homeowner. Whether you need to find a policy for a new acquisition or want a better deal, use VIU by HUB to compare home insurance rates from major providers. By exploring your options, you can ease your mind about the future of your home while not overstretching your budget. Finding home insurance in Post Falls has never been this easy.

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