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Protect Your Investment With Home Insurance

Rexburg is a quaint, family-friendly city in Southeast Idaho. With a strong population of college students attending Brigham Young University - Idaho, it's an ideal place to settle down with your children or invest in a rental property. Whether you snap up a newly constructed one-bedroom condo for under $200,000 or take up residence in a seven-bedroom single-family property on an acre of land, you'll need comprehensive home insurance to maintain financial stability well into the future.

Get To Know Your Community in Rexburg, ID

Rexburg has grown quickly over the years and now has a population of nearly 40,000. The median age is 23. and 65% of people in the city are renters. The citizens of Rexburg are well-educated, with almost 40% of people holding bachelor's degrees or higher. As a fellow homeowner, you'll find that your neighbors care as much about home insurance in Rexburg, ID, as you do.

Understand the Risks of Owning a Home

With winter high temperatures that dip to 13 degrees in January. you'll want to ensure that your home insurance policy in Rexburg offers you good coverage for damage from burst pipes and freezes. Summers in Rexburg do not present as many risks, but there is a moderate heat factor to consider because weather patterns are becoming more unpredictable.

Without the risks of flood and wildfires to contend with, you can focus on insuring your home against break-ins and theft in Rexburg. The city is a relatively safe place with lower crime than other parts of the state. Only 2 out of every 1000 people experience theft in Rexburg. However, it's always smart to check your home insurance policy to make sure you have enough coverage to recover the loss of valuable personal property in your home. If you are looking for new policy options or want to change your current plan, you can compare major home insurance providers on VIU by HUB.

Explore Home Insurance Premiums in Rexburg, ID

Knowing how much people pay for home insurance in your area can help you make an accurate budget for your future. In Rexburg, homeowners spend an average of $1,225 to insure their properties. This is slightly higher than the state average but lower than the national average. Other major cities in Idaho, such as Idaho Falls and Moscow, have comparable rates.

The areas covered by home insurance are:

  • Inclement weather
  • Severe storms and lightning damage
  • Theft and property damage
  • Electrical fires and explosions
  • Personal liability and medical costs

How much you pay for home insurance can vary depending on how much you choose as your deductible and how much coverage you opt for. Other factors, such as your individual credit history and the age and value of your home, can impact the rate that your provider charges you to insure your home. 

Secure Your Peace of Mind for the Future

Rexburg attracts many people because it is a safe and cozy city set in a beautiful natural environment near the Tetons. Because there are so many college students in Rexburg, you'll get to enjoy lively cultural events and festivals often organized or attended by the young population. So whether you're getting ready to rent out your property or move your family into your new house, you'll feel more confident about the future when you know you can rely on comprehensive home insurance in Rexburg, ID. 

Choosing home insurance doesn't have to be a chore. Explore a quick and simple way to compare policy options using VIU by HUB. Having more choices means that you can find a policy that matches your needs and fits within your budget.

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