Auto Insurance in Arlington Heights, IL

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Driving in Arlington Heights, Illinois, (IL) 

With a population of around 75,000, Arlington Heights, Illinois, (IL) sits approximately 27 miles from the large city of Chicago. Most Arlington Heights residents drive alone to work over a commute of approximately 28 minutes, which is longer than the national average. The typical household in the city owns two vehicles. Personal car ownership and driving is important to life in Arlington Heights, and we at VIU by HUB are thrilled to insure those cars to keep them on the road!

What's Covered by Car Insurance in Arlington Heights?

Car insurance policies are comprised of different coverage types that offer protection in a variety of situations. Here are the types of policies that you can expect to choose from for car insurance in Arlington Heights, IL:

  • Liability Insurance: This type of coverage is the backbone of auto insurance policies, covering expenses if you cause an accident, injure someone, or cause damage to property with your vehicle. The state of Illinois legally requires all drivers to carry set minimums of liability insurance. In fact, the state conducts computer checks twice annually to ensure compliance with this law. Drivers found in violation face license suspension, with a $100 fine imposed for reinstatement. In addition, Illinois residents face $500-1000 in fines if they are caught driving in violation.
  • Collision Coverage: If you are involved in an accident but are not at fault, collision insurance pays for damage to your vehicle. This type of insurance is not legally required but is part of what makes up "full coverage" auto insurance.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Damage sometimes occurs when a car isn't being driven; that's when comprehensive coverage comes in. Damage from falling objects, fire, flood, theft, vandalism, and weather is covered by a comprehensive policy.
  • Personal Injury Protection: This covers medical bills and related expenses for yourself or your passengers in the event of an accident with injuries. Some states require PIP, but Illinois is not one of them.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Required for all drivers by Illinois state law, this type of policy covers expenses if you're involved in an accident caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver.
  • Gap Insurance: In the event of a total loss or theft, comprehensive or collision coverage typically only pays the vehicle's actual cash value, which may not be sufficient to pay the balance on your loan or lease. Gap insurance will pay that difference.

What Isn't Covered by Car Insurance in Arlington Heights?

Car insurance in Arlington Heights, IL is a necessity for a few reasons, and chances are you will reap the benefits from your investment in your insurance policy at some point. However, there are certain situations that are not covered by auto insurance. Exact exclusions vary from one insurer to the next, and sometimes there is additional coverage that you can purchase for scenarios such as the following:

  • Damage Above Limits: Your insurer is only required to cover damage up to your policy limits, so if you are responsible for causing damage that exceeds your coverage cap, you'll have to pay the difference out of pocket.
  • Intentional Damage: Intentional damage or vandalism to your own vehicle is not covered and is grounds for insurance fraud.
  • Maintenance Repairs: Car insurance in Arlington Heights does not cover repairs for maintenance issues or normal wear and tear.
  • Business Use: Most insurance policies will not cover damages that occur when you are using your vehicle for paid services such as ridesharing or deliveries.
  • Unlicensed or Excluded Drivers: Loaning your car to an unlicensed driver or one who is excluded from your policy is risky because they are not covered in the event of an accident.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.

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