Auto Insurance in Decatur, IL

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Decatur Drivers Need Car Insurance

Auto insurance can shield drivers in Decatur and Macon County from liability for personal injuries, death or property damage caused while behind the wheel. The Illinois state government requires every driver to maintain at least the minimum mandated amounts of liability coverage. VIU by HUB insurance brokers can recommend policies suitable for central Illinois drivers that include uninsured motorist coverage. Find out how to get a basic liability policy or collision, full glass, electronics, and towing coverage with auto insurance in Decatur, IL.

Illinois State Liability Requirements

Drivers in Decatur need car insurance that covers damage caused to property as well as the injury or death of one or more persons involved in an accident. The state of Illinois requires the inclusion of uninsured motorist coverage that satisfies legal minimum requirements in auto insurance in Decatur, IL. Find out more about these basic requirements:

  • Property damage in accidents: Illinois requires every driver to have a minimum of $20,000 in coverage for damage caused to property belonging to other parties while driving. A higher property damage limit may be beneficial.
  • Injury to one person: Every motorist in Illinois needs at least $25,000 in coverage for collisions that result in the injury or death of another person. Additional personal injury coverage can be obtained through VIU by HUB brokers.
  • Injuries to more people: Accidents that result in injuries to two or more people require that insured drivers have a $50,000 minimum limit. Additional coverage can minimize liability for multi-car collisions.

More Coverage Options and Benefits

The baseline level of coverage is not sufficient for many Illinois drivers. Many policyholders obtain higher liability limits in the required areas and opt for collision, comprehensive, medical payment, or uninsured property damage coverage through auto insurance in Decatur, IL. When you regularly drive on Interstate 72, U.S. Route 51, and state routes through central Illinois, you may want to ask a VIU by HUB broker about adding any of the following options to your car insurance:

  • Collision coverage: You can choose from actual cash value, replacement value or agreed value policies that cover damage to your vehicle in the event of a collision. The payout amount for a totaled vehicle will vary based on the type of policy you select.
  • Electronic equipment coverage: Any audio, video or navigation equipment installed in a vehicle is typically cut out of car insurance coverage. Extra coverage can reduce out-of-pocket costs for damaged or stolen devices.
  • Full glass coverage: Auto glass coverage covers the cost of replacing windows in a vehicle, from the front windshield to the rear window. No deductible is required to replace damaged safety glass when a policyholder has this option.
  • Towing and labor: unexpected costs for roadside assistance can be reduced or recouped with coverage for tows and labor. Adding this or other benefits may raise the premiums of a car insurance policy.

These are some of the most common policy options for Illinois drivers. VIU by HUB brokers make it easy to find the right auto insurance policy for your driving lifestyle and vehicle. Your choice of actual cash value, replacement value or agreed value coverage and any policy options will determine the cost of policy premiums and the deductible amounts for auto insurance in Decatur, IL.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.

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