Home Insurance in Des Plaines, IL

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The Right Des Plaines, Illinois, (IL) Home Insurance

Despite its anonymity to the rest of the country, Des Plaines, Illinois, (IL) deserves plenty of notoriety. From its place in history as the location of the first McDonald’s franchise to one of its high schools being where The Breakfast Club was filmed, this northwest Chicago suburb has earned its pop culture stripes.

Just as the history of Des Plaines should be preserved, so do its homes. Des Plaines home insurance can help protect your most important financial asset. Of course, not all insurance policies are created the same, so it’s essential to find one that fits your needs as a Des Plaines homeowner.

Recognizing the Risks of Home Ownership 

Des Plaines, IL like most of the Chicagoland area, is known for experiencing all four seasons – usually on the same day. This means extreme weather shifts are one of the main risks your home faces. The ideal Des Plaines home insurance policy should understand this and include some coverage for damage caused by the elements.

Historically, the city of Des Plaines, IL is named after the Des Plaines River. Flooding can be a major issue within the suburb and even caused the unfortunate closing of the aforementioned original McDonald’s franchise location.

Beyond the weather and flooding, other risks necessitate the coverage of Des Plaines home insurance:

  • Fire – Fire does not discriminate, and any home may be susceptible to its damage. Beyond the flames and heat, smoke and water can also decimate a home. 
  • Theft – Des Plaines is regarded as a safe city, but crime is possible anywhere. If your home is especially likely to be targeted due to a lack of security features, you may be more likely to face the loss of personal valuables. 

Protecting Your Home Against Risk 

Des Plaines, IL home insurance coverage isn’t created equally. That is, different policies will offer coverage for different events and damage. This makes it essential to know what’s in your current or prospective policy so you know for what you’re paying.

For instance, flood damage isn’t inherently covered in most policies. Because the Des Plaines river can flood, homes near the banks of the river or other nearby bodies of water should double-check that their policy covers damage caused by flooding. This coverage may come as an additional policy beyond your base one.

You should know that most Des Plaines home insurance policies cover the personal property inside the home, such as consumer appliances, furniture, and electronic equipment. Your policy should also help provide living expenses should you be forced from your home.

Deciding on Your Home’s Coverage 

Your Des Plaines, IL home insurance policy will probably provide one of four common coverage options:

  • No Frills – This offers basic coverage, and it should be noted that your mortgage lender may require additional coverage. 
  • Basic – This coverage type is sometimes referred to as “Named Perils.” This insurance will only cover your home if it’s damaged by threats named specifically in the policy. 
  • Broad – The next step up, this policy covers physical damage done to your home, unless it’s incurred by a “named exclusion.” Personal property, though, is only protected by named perils. 
  • Comprehensive – This policy is extensive and expensive. It covers your home and personal property from damage caused by almost anything, except for specific exclusions listed in your policy. 

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.

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