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Let the River Run

Vaudeville fans and Hollywood buffs may be familiar with the phrase, “will it play in Peoria?” This American figure of speech is another way of asking whether someone or something will be popular or go over well with a broad range of people. Peoria, Illinois has an almost mythical reputation as a wide-open river town. While it’s certainly the largest city on the Illinois River, Peoria proper is home to over 115,000 people. Being located on the river helped establish this city as a trading and shipping center. It has also become a major center for manufacturing, especially heavy earthmoving machinery. Other industries represented here include farm equipment, building materials, steel, wire, and lawn care equipment. “Will it play in Peoria,” you ask? When it comes to living and working, the answer is a resounding YES!

Besides big manufacturing business, Peoria offers residents and visitors such cultural institutions as the Peoria Zoo, the Peoria Symphony Orchestra, and the Luthy Garden. Each summer, locals and international visitors observe and participate in the Steamboat Classic, the world’s largest four-mile foot race. The town’s Santa Claus Parade, first held in 1888, is on record as the oldest-running holiday parade in the nation. A wealth of registered historic places rounds out this centrally located town in the Prairie State, making it a great place to be. Something that also plays in Peoria is home ownership. Average home prices are over $125,000+ in this area. Although tornadoes aren’t a regular occurrence in the summer, what would you do if one cut through your house? Here’s what you should know about having home insurance in Peoria, IL.

Coverages for Home Insurance in Peoria

If you have a mortgage, your lender will usually require carrying home insurance in Peoria, IL, even though Illinois doesn’t require this of residents. If you own a home, it makes sense to have the coverage offered by a policy. Also known as homeowner’s or property insurance, home insurance not only covers damage to your structure but also the objects within. Instead of having to cover these expenses with your own funds, an insurer covers most of the cost for repair or replacement. Basic coverages for home insurance in Peoria, IL should include the following:

  • Coverage for losses due to theft, vandalism, etc.
  • Coverage for damage from water, fire, certain weather events, etc.
  • Coverage for injuries experienced by third parties while on your property

Insurance plans will vary when it comes to what is covered and how much you’re expected to contribute towards coverage. Some terms that apply to your policy for home insurance in Peoria, IL and other places are the liability limit, premium and deductible:

  • Liability limit: The dollar amount of coverage for your property. If you live in a $200K home, your liability limit should be at least this amount. This value should also account for the objects that you own as well as other structures such as a detached garage or storage shed.
  • Premium: This is one of two financial obligations that you bear. This is what you pay to have home insurance in Peoria, IL, often annually, semi-annually, or monthly. Your mortgage company may make this payment directly to your insurer.
  • Deductible: Your other financial obligation, this is your share of a payout in the event of a covered loss. This value is deducted from the insurance company’s payout. The higher your premium, the lower your deductible.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.

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