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Big City Living With a Small Town Feeling

Lawrence is a midsized town of just under 100,000, but in many ways, it feels like a small town. Residents are often helping each other out and contributing to the community, and events around the city year-round contribute to the small town feeling. However, the vast number of grocery stores, banks and parks make it feel like a big city. Sports fans will want to knock Allen Fieldhouse off their bucket list by seeing a KU basketball game in the loudest indoor stadium in the world. Shopping lovers will love taking a stroll down Massachusetts Street, with an array of shops and businesses lining the streets. No matter your choice of past time, having home insurance in Lawrence, KS, is essential to protect your home and belongings.

Demographics and Crime Rates

Lawrence is the home of the University of Kansas, so many college students call Lawrence home, at least during the school year. Because of this, the average age of residents in Lawrence is 28.6. The homeownership rate is 43.6 percent, with many residents living in dorms or renting an apartment or home. The average home costs $292,990. higher than the state but lower than the national average. Crime rates in Lawrence are about the state average, with a resident having a one in 217 chance of being a victim of a violent crime and one in 46 of experiencing a property crime. Home insurance in Lawrence, KS, is crucial to protect your home in the case of a robbery or theft.

Weather in Lawrence

Residents experience hot, muggy and wet summers and frigid winters with occasional snow and ice. Spring and early summer bring about heavy thunderstorms that often bring damaging hail, strong winds, heavy rainfall and sometimes, tornadoes. Winter storms can also occur, bringing heavy snow and ice. These storms can damage your roof and windows. A home insurance plan in Lawrence, KS, can help protect you from the effects of the adverse weather.

Home Insurance Costs and Coverage

Home insurance in Lawrence, KS, costs about $2,515 a year, which is lower than the state average but higher than the national average. One of the primary reasons for the higher average for insurance in Kansas is the risk of adverse weather, mainly tornadoes. However, the increase in property value and cost of living in Kansas also plays a role. You can compare quotes and find the best rate for you by using VIU by HUB. There are a few types of homeowners insurance:

  • HO-1.The most basic home insurance policy, HO-1, covers your home's structure, appliances and home features. It does not provide liability or personal property.
  • HO-2.HO-2 is a step beyond HO-1, as it includes personal property and sometimes liability.
  • HO-3.HO-3 is the most common type of home insurance and covers all of the above, in addition to liability, living expenses and medical payments.
  • HO-5.HO-5 is the strongest option, having the same coverage as HO-3, with broader coverage and often coverage for higher-value items.

Things Home Insurance Covers

While policies vary, there are general things most policies will cover. Damage from storms, fire, theft, vandalism, falling objects and power surges are typically covered. Things that are not commonly covered include termites, flood damage, damage from animals, mold, rot and general wear and tear.

A home insurance plan in Lawrence, KS, is essential to protecting your home. Utilize the VIU by HUB tool to find the best rate for you.

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