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Drive While Protected in Topeka

Topeka is an evolving, eclectic city with many fun places to drive. Whether you're headed to the farmers' market, a sports event or around town to view the murals, there's always something new to discover along the road. With a cost of living 20% below the national average, more people can afford to own vehicles.

Getting Through Topeka Traffic

With more than 125,000 living in Topeka, the traffic can get hectic. West Southwest 2, Southwest Topeka Boulevard and Southwest Fairlawn Road are hot spots at rush hour. A car insurance policy is essential to protecting your commute when so many vehicles share the road.

The GoTopeka Bus System operates seven days a week and provides reliable transportation around the city. However, most residents who work outside the home depend on their vehicles to get to their place of employment. More than 81% drive a personal car to work, while 10.8% carpool with other people. Car insurance in Topeka, KS, can help you get moving again after a covered peril.

The Cost of Car Insurance in Topeka, KS

Residents of Topeka pay an average of $1,563 annually for a car insurance policy. Insurance premiums vary across the state and even within the city. Shopping around for a policy when purchasing insurance is a good idea. VIU by HUB can help you compare multiple insurers. You can see various rates and options, choosing the one that fits your requirements.

The auto theft rate in Topeka is more than three times higher than the state average, which may affect the city's premiums. Extreme weather is another factor that can also affect insurance rates ” the greater the risk of storm damage, the more insurance companies may charge. With the area near the state's capital averaging 40-60 storms annually, Topeka car owners may pay more for a policy.

Insurance companies also look at individual factors when setting rates. Driver age is significant ” statistically, older drivers with more experience get in fewer accidents and pay less for insurance. Marital status is another factor; married people tend to have fewer claims. You can also pay premiums based on whether you park in a garage or how far away your workplace is from home.

What Car Insurance in Topeka, KS, Covers

According to Kansas law, drivers must carry liability coverage, Personal Injury Protection and uninsured/underinsured coverage. Kansas has a no-fault system, so your policy pays for your medical expenses regardless of who caused the accident.

Many drivers purchase additional insurance, including:

  • Comprehensive: This insurance pays for storm damage, theft and vandalism expenses.
  • Collision: This coverage pays for vehicle damage after a collision with another car or a fixed object, such as a fence or pole.
  • Rental car: If you need to rent a vehicle while yours is in the shop for a covered peril, this insurance pays related expenses.
  • Roadside assistance: If you need a tire replacement, towing service or other services after a breakdown, this coverage helps pay for them.

Your insurance company may provide other coverage types.

Shop for Insurance in Topeka With VIU by HUB

Shopping for car insurance in Topeka, KS, is easy with the online tools at VIU by HUB. The opportunity to compare prices from multiple insurers helps you make a smart decision. When you have the coverage you need, you'll feel good about your policy and enjoy peace of mind.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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