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Houma: A Resilient City on the Bayou

Deep in "Cajun Country," Houma lies in the heart of Louisiana's Acadiana region. The city sits directly on the bayou, surrounded by rich history and culture as well as a delicate ecosystem inhabited by numerous and diverse plant and animal species. Houma offers a wide range of educational and employment opportunities, along with several museums, local festivals and a thriving arts scene. 

Incorporated in 1848. the city is part of the Houma-Bayou Cane-Thibodaux metropolitan statistical area. Houma has 31,775 residents, according to 2022 U.S. Census Bureau estimates. The entire metro area's population exceeds 200,000. with an average resident age of 40 years old and a median household income of $58,332. 

Single-family homes are the dominant type of dwelling in Houma. The city's median property value is $207,885. increasing by 3.71% within the last year. With 67.3% of Houma residents owning their homes, home insurance remains a vital need. Count on VIU by HUB to provide you with customized quotes and policies for home insurance in Houma.  

Understanding Home Insurance in Houma, LA

Home insurance pays for major losses to your home and its contents. A typical policy includes multiple coverage types to address different kinds of losses. Understanding how premiums, risks and coverages work can help you pick a policy that best meets your needs.

Houma Home Insurance Rates

Area residents pay an average of $3,990 per year for home insurance. This breaks down to $333 per month in premiums. These rates are significantly higher than both the state's average and the annual national average of $1,820.

Many factors influence home insurance rates in Houma. A property's location, value, age and condition are key. Coverage amounts also determine the total policy price and premiums. A homeowner's credit history and claims record can also raise or lower insurance rates. Finally, risk factors such as floods and hurricanes may increase coverage costs. 

Risks Houma Homeowners Should Know

Flooding and hurricanes are the two primary risks faced by homeowners in Houma, LA. Risk Factor rates the city as having an extreme flooding risk. with 99% of area properties having a 26% or greater chance of being "severely affected by flooding over the next 30 years." It also has an extreme wind risk, with all properties potentially impacted by hurricanes. 

Essential Home Insurance Components

With home insurance, typical types of covered losses include fire, high winds, hail, explosions, lightning, storms, mischief, vandalism, civil unrest and theft. A home insurance policy has four basic components :

  • Structure: This portion covers damage to any structures, both attached and unattached. 
  • Personal property: This coverage reimburses for losses involving clothing, furniture, electronics, kitchenware, toys and other types of personal effects.
  • Liability: This section of the policy pays for property damage and bodily injury claims against you, your family members and your pets.
  • Additional living expenses: This portion pays for hotel bills, meals and other expenses incurred while living away from home during a covered loss.

Most standard home insurance packages do not include coverage for flood damage. You must purchase this separately. Flood insurance usually pays for losses involving a home's structures and contents. The National Flood Insurance Program offers policies, which you can purchase along with your standard home insurance. 

Discover Solutions for Home Insurance in Houma, LA

Your home is your domain. Safeguarding yourself, your family and your investment is critical to a secure financial future. Let VIU by HUB help you find your best options for home insurance in Houma, LA. Get quotes, compare options and purchase coverage on our user-friendly platform.


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