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Living Affordably in Biddeford, Maine

As a southern neighbor to Portland, Biddeford is a blossoming town of 22,450 people. Whether you live in the suburban neighborhoods or have a waterfront view, most Biddeford residents can agree that the city is filled with charm. Where old mills used to stand, the brick buildings downtown now house various bars, breweries and restaurants. Residents leisurely traverse the Biddeford RiverWalk or browse quirky antiques at the Biddeford Vintage Market.

The median property value in Biddeford, Maine, is approximately $278,300, with the average homeowner paying about $1,030 per year or $86 per month. If you're concerned about your monthly rate or want to ensure that you get the most for your dollar, VIU by HUB can help you compare rates on the various options for home insurance in Biddeford.

Protecting Your Home in Biddeford

Biddeford, Maine, has four distinct seasons. Homeowners, however, may find themselves most concerned with winters filled with snow, wind and ice. The cold season lasts from December to March, with the highest temperatures reaching only about 41 degrees Fahrenheit. January, however, is the coldest month, with lows of 16 and highs of 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heavy wind and snow can cause significant damage, including frozen pipes, roof damage and chipped windows. Standard policies can typically protect you from the most common wear and tear from winter weather. However, flood damage associated with winter weather may require add-on flood coverage.

Determining Your Individual Policies

Choosing home insurance requires finding policies that protect your home and remain within your budget. Most homeowners insurance covers damages to your home, assets and guests injured on your property. Common coverages include:

  • Personal property: Personal property protects your belongings in case of damage or theft.
  • Dwelling: Dwelling will protect you if your home becomes damaged by smoke, weather, vandalism or theft.
  • Personal liability: Liability pays for expenses associated with injuries to a third party on your property.
  • Living expenses: If you need to leave your home due to damage, living expenses insurance helps pay for other accommodations.

In addition to the standard home insurance in Biddeford, there may be additional coverages to consider, including flood and earthquake insurance.

As you consider the types of insurance you need, consider the area you live in and your specific risks. You may not have to worry about flood insurance if you do not live in a flood plain. Likewise, most Maine residents don't worry about earthquake insurance because quakes are rare.

Understanding the Factors Behind Your Insurance Costs

As you analyze your rates, keep in mind that rates change based on various factors, including your home's location, the home's value, the roof's condition, claims history and even your breed of dog. While insurers can also look at your credit score, Maine does not allow them to use it as the defining factor in whether or not you can receive home insurance.

In addition to various risks associated with your situation, your costs will depend on your premiums and deductibles. You pay your premium every month and you pay the deductible any time you experience damage to your home. The deductible is a fixed amount that you must pay for damages before the insurance pays. The higher your premium, the lower your deductible.

Your specific circumstances can cause your home insurance in Biddeford to increase or decrease, depending on the risk factors. VIU by HUB has an online tool that allows you to compare policies for your specific house to locate an affordable, comprehensive provider.

This information is intended for general information purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.



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