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Protect Yourself and Your Property With Gaithersburg Auto Insurance

Gaithersburg is cloudy most of the year, which makes for fewer glares on the windshield, but it can also be darker and more difficult to see. When the sun is out, it only takes one turn down a road for a glare to appear. The harsh winters that can result in up to seven inches of snow around February turn the roads into dangerous, slippery roadways where accidents can occur. Heading out at any time during the year requires a review of your policy for car insurance in Gaithersburg.

The weather shouldn't stop you from enjoying Gaithersburg. Constitution Gardens Park is a must-see attraction for those who enjoy the outdoors. A quick three-minute drive lands you at the Gaithersburg Community Museum for hands-on, historical fun. If you're feeling adventurous, 35 minutes takes you to downtown Washington, D.C., where you can learn more about our nation's incredible history.

Unlike the densely-populated capital of which it is a suburb, Gaithersburg has a population of nearly 69,000 people. As an active community, drivers need to be on the lookout for pedestrians so as to avoid fatal accidents. In 2021, the city saw six fatalities from five accidents involving a total of eight vehicles. A comprehensive policy for car insurance in Gaithersburg is important for covering costs related to those types of accidents.

Find Car Insurance for Gaithersburg Residents

Gaithersburg has an abundance of public transportation options. Residents have access to the Metrorail, Metrobus, MARC Train and Amtrak. Public transportation isn't always reliable in an emergency or when someone is running late. For residents with non-typical schedules, public transportation can be a nightmare. Going on a vacation is difficult when the public transit system is the only source of someone's transportation.

Owning a car in Gaithersburg is essential in avoiding some of these inconveniences related to public transportation. With a car comes the responsibility of insurance, and VIU by HUB puts options for car insurance in Gaithersburg side-by-side so you can compare costs and coverage.

Understand Required Coverage and Covered Risks

The state of Maryland requires all drivers to have, at minimum, liability coverage. There are fines and penalties attached for those driving without insurance. Basic coverage required includes:

  • Bodily injury at $30,000 for one driver
  • Bodily injury at $60,000 for two or more drivers
  • Property damage at $15,000

Covered risks include injuries sustained by others in an accident you caused. Property damage ”including the other driver's car, power poles, buildings and fences ” is also covered. Collision or a comprehensive policy for car insurance in Gaithersburg includes more coverage for yourself and your property.

Learn About the Average Cost for Gaithersburg Car Insurance

Gaithersburg residents typically enjoy a smaller car insurance payment than residents in other parts of Maryland. On average, drivers can expect to pay around $1,846 per year for the minimal amount of required coverage. With full coverage, the average cost in Gaithersburg is $4,360.

Seniors at or above 55 years of age spend $917 per year on average, and young drivers have an average premium cost of $3,028. VIU by HUB can help young drivers, seniors and any other drivers compare costs for the most customized policy.

Compare Car Insurance Quotes Today

As a driver in Gaithersburg, you want a policy that meets your needs. Let VIU by HUB pull together some resources for you to compare so you can have all the protection you need on the road.

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