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Life in Lynn, MA

Just a touch north of Boston lies the mid-sized city of Lynn, MA. Sometimes called the City of Sin, it has a long and storied history of industry, including as a center of early shoe manufacturing. Residents can enjoy a more affordable cost of living compared to nearby Boston while still having access to a wealth of attractions and amenities.

Lynn's 100,891 residents can enjoy its four-season climate with warm summers and cold, often snowy, winters. You have about equal chances of clouds or sun, so it's no surprise that indoor activities are as plentiful as outdoor ones here. You'll have plenty of chances to enjoy a day at the Lynn Historical Museum or an evening at the Lynn Memorial Auditorium.

The average home value in Lynn is $423,800. which is lower than Massachusetts's average prices and significantly lower than what you might pay in Boston. When selecting a home policy, ensure that it has sufficient limits to replace your home at its current value. This is especially important when home and construction prices are increasing.

Home Coverage Options

A major component of any home insurance in Lynn, MA, is the dwelling coverage. This is the portion of your policy that pays for repairs to your home after a covered loss. Some examples of typical home claims include hail damage, a tree limb falling on the roof and fire or smoke damage.

In addition to covering the value of your home, your dwelling coverage should also protect against the risks you are most likely to face. In Massachusetts, those often come from severe weather. According to Risk Factor. nearly all properties in Lynn face a risk of wind damage, making it a significant risk. There is also a moderate risk of flooding, which is largely concentrated in immediate coastal areas.

Lynn has a crime rate that is lower than the national average yet higher than in many of the smaller surrounding communities. However, it is safer than about 30% of other U.S. cities. Since theft and vandalism are typically covered by your home insurance policy, a high crime rate can lead to significantly higher costs for home insurance in Lynn, MA, and similar locations. It's a good idea to compare rates from several companies with VIU by HUB to see how they rate your home's risk.

Any policy you choose should have liability insurance to protect you against possible legal claims if someone injures themselves on your property. This can help pay for medical care, your attorney and any settlement awards if courts find you were negligent. Smaller medical claims fall under your policy's medical payment coverage regardless of fault.

Home Insurance Costs in Lynn, MA

The average cost of home insurance in Lynn, MA, is $3,901.00, which is about $1,100 more than the state average. That figures for $450,000 in dwelling coverage, in line with average home values in the city. You may pay more or less for coverage depending on individual factors, such as:

  • The age and condition of your home
  • Building costs
  • Your claims history
  • Family pets
  • Home features

It is a good idea to get several quotes to find home insurance in Lynn, MA, that fits your coverage needs and your budget. When you work with a VIU by HUB agent, you can compare rates from multiple providers to find the right policy for your personal situation.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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