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Located in central Massachusetts, Worcester is home to more than 200,000 people. Property values in the area are considerably lower than the national average, which contributes to the low cost of living compared to large metropolitan areas like Boston. Still, only 42.4% of all local households own the home they live in, which means that despite the low cost of living, the housing situation is still very similar to what you would expect to see in larger cities.

Central Massachusetts is prone to strong winds and thunderstorms in warm weather and nor'easter conditions in winter. While local homes are built for the weather, those storms do occasionally cause some damage, and home insurance for Worcester, MA, is designed to help with the cost of repairs. Tornadoes are the highest-risk weather event in the area, and Worcester still enjoys a slightly lower-than-average incidence of them compared to the rest of the country.

Insurance Costs in Worcester, MA

Coastal homes and those in cities very near the coast tend to cost the most to insure in this state. Homeowners in central and western areas can expect their policy costs to be closer to the national average or even a little bit under it, considering the low property costs in the area. With mild weather and a low rate of extreme weather events, the biggest local influence on prices for home insurance in Worcester, MA, is the local crime rate.

While violent crime is low, the city does have a property crime rate that is above 80% of all American cities. That crime rate is not uniform across the city's neighborhoods, however, so it will not affect all local insurance costs equally.

Essential Coverage for Your Home

The most basic home insurance coverage that fully protects your investment will include limits that reflect the value of both your property and the possessions on the premises from foreseeable risks. For home insurance in Worcester, MA, that typically means three things:

  1. Property crime protection, including theft and vandalism
  2. Protection from extreme weather damage, with some exclusions
  3. Property liability protection, in case someone is injured while visiting

While the state does not require homeowners' insurance by law, most mortgage lenders do require a policy with adequate coverage in the terms of the loan.

Additional Home Insurance Options for Worcester, MA

There are many additions to your coverage that might be important but not necessarily part of the basic package. One very common addition is additional coverage for high-value items. Valuables like jewelry and electronics typically have coverage limits below the total coverage limit for your dwelling insurance, so if you have a significant investment in high-value items, adding coverage for them is a good idea. The same goes for coverage that provides for your temporary housing if you have to move out while work crews repair your home.

Find Home Insurance for Worcester

When you compare quotes and coverage details with VIU by HUB, it is easy to find the balance between your budget and your insurance needs. Not only can you see how different companies compare, but you can also see how those comparisons change when you need to increase your coverage limits or add new options to your policy. Check out quotes on home insurance in Worcester, MA, today to learn more about fully protecting your house and everything in it.

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