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Your Tailored Policy for Shelby Township Auto Insurance

As you cruise down Michigan State Route 53 or around your beautiful suburban streets in Shelby Charter Township, be sure your car is protected with quality insurance. Home to about 80,000 residents, the community is one of the fastest-growing in the Metro Detroit area. Whether you find yourself hustling along during a morning commute or taking a leisurely drive to River Bends Park and Shelby's other beautiful greenery areas, car insurance in Shelby is essential.

Car insurance is required by the state of Michigan for drivers. The SMART Bus, Southeast Michigan's regional public bus option, operates in Shelby, but almost 80% of residents commute to work by driving alone.

Shelby Charter Township's climate ranges from hot summers to snowy winters. Summer weather is generally pleasant for driving, but winters can reach temperatures of 19 degrees or lower, creating unsafe driving conditions due to snow and ice. Whether you're looking for the state minimum insurance requirements or comprehensive auto insurance in Shelby, VIU by HUB can help you find the policy and peace of mind you deserve.

Average Rates for Car Insurance in Shelby

Auto insurance rates vary based on the area, your driving history, the vehicle you're driving and other factors. Be sure to compare quotes from various insurance providers to find your specific rate. In Shelby Charter Township and the rest of Macomb County, the average cost per year is approximately $1,770.

This is slightly higher than the state's average annual auto insurance rate of $1,300, so it's important for you to compare rates to find a competitive auto insurance policy for your vehicle. Explore your insurance coverage options to consider the right amount of coverage for both an affordable policy and peace of mind.

Your Auto Insurance Options in Shelby, MI

You have options for insuring your car in Shelby Township. While there are legally required minimum insurance coverage areas in the state of Michigan, you can add additional areas or increase coverage minimums to suit your specific situation. Here are the basic types of auto insurance that are required for all drivers in Michigan:

  • Property damage: You must carry at least $10,000 in property damage coverage in the event of damaging another vehicle in an incident.
  • Residual bodily injury liability: This coverage protects you in incidents where another individual is injured.
  • Property protection insurance: Protect yourself from paying for damages to parked vehicles and other property in the event of an auto accident.
  • Personal injury protection: If you're considered not at fault in an accident, this coverage provides for medical expenses, a portion of your lost wages and other costs.

You can increase the coverage of your car insurance in Shelby to include comprehensive and/or collision coverage. Collison reimburses you for damage done to your vehicle in many situations as you drive, while comprehensive can cover a portion or total cost of damage that occurs when you aren't driving the vehicle.

Risk Factors of Driving in Shelby Charter Township

Icy roads and busy interstates shouldn't keep you from driving your vehicle. While drivers in Shelby Township face these specific risks, VIU by HUB can help you navigate your auto insurance options for quality coverage at a competitive cost. You don't have to settle with the first rate quoted for car insurance in Shelby. Thanks to VIU by HUB, you can easily compare top insurers and choose a policy that's designed for your vehicle and your lifestyle in Shelby Charter Township.

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