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Why Is Home Insurance Important for Eagan Families?

Eagan, MN, is a calm suburb of St. Paul with a good location for commuting via I-35 E or Hwy 52. Workers and college students only have a 20-minute drive to many parts of the Twin Cities. Eagan's family-friendly population of 68,000 is divided into 27,500 households. Over 70% of local families own a home, making good insurance a must for the majority of residents.

Considering that the average value of houses in the region is about $360,000. it's smart to look at home insurance in Eagan, MN, as a valuable investment. Homes in the city hold their value well and stay in high demand, so protecting the property is worth it. There are over 1,200 lakes and countless acres of trees, making Eagan a desirable location for settling down.

What Risks Should You Consider When Choosing Home Insurance in Eagan, MN?

With Eagan's idyllic surroundings, homeowners may wonder how much home insurance they truly need. Like many suburbs, Eagan has its fair share of risks to consider.

Property Crimes

There are about 1,900 property crimes a year locally, including an average of 140 burglaries per 100,000 residents. These statistics are safer than Burnsville and Bloomington, but more dangerous than Lakeville or Rosemount.

Make sure your coverage for theft, break-ins and other types of property crimes covers your family's needs. VIU by HUB is helpful for comparing not just the type of insurance offered, but also the amount of coverage you can expect.


Eagan has an average of 100 fire incidents a year. About 40% of local fires involve structures such as houses and apartments. Remember that basic homeowner's insurance sometimes only covers home structures in the case of fires. You may want to invest in personal property coverage if you have valuable items to protect.

Storms and Winter Weather

One of the biggest factors you should consider when shopping around for home insurance in Eagan, MN, is the weather. This city gets more snow than many other parts of the state, about 46 inches per year on average. For comparison, the U.S. average is only 28 inches.

Eagan also has many days with freezing temperatures: over 150 a year. The temperature routinely drops below zero in December and January, which can easily lead to dangers such as frozen pipes, roof leaks and moisture damage.

How Much Is the Average Home Insurance Policy in Eagan?

Home insurance rates can vary significantly around Eagan, but the average is about $120 a month for good coverage. This comes to $1,450 a year, which is similar to the U.S. average.

The cost of Eagan home insurance is less expensive than many suburbs in the Twin Cities. Places such as Bloomington or downtown St. Paul can have rates close to $2,000 annually.

What Factors Affect Your Rates for Local Home Insurance?

The reason for different prices usually has to do with neighborhood risks. Some areas are more prone to flooding or have older homes. Other suburbs have higher rates of property crimes. The good news is that wherever you live, you can often save money by doing your homework and shopping around.

Use VIU by HUB to compare home insurance in Eagan, MN, that fits your circumstances and your budget. You can decide on add-ons such as flood insurance depending on your property risks. Focusing on the main areas of your home that need protection can give you coverage that is customized to your family.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.



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