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Secure Your Home's Future in a Vibrant Memphis Suburb

Southaven, Mississippi, is one of the most sought-after suburbs in the Memphis metro area. With a population of over 54,000 people. it's a dynamic city where you can achieve a healthy work-life balance and buy a home for a reasonable price. You can find a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home for less than $300,000 in Southaven. To protect the future of your investment, choose home insurance in Southaven, MS, with tailored coverage and a budget-friendly rate.

Community and Climate in Southaven, MS

If you choose to live in your residence in Southaven, you'll join a community of long-time homeowners. The owner-occupied housing rate in the city is 71%. Most residents of Southaven are working professionals, and the median age is 36. You'll find that quality home insurance is a common priority for the working and middle class of Southaven, and using a comparison tool such as VIU by HUB can help you find a competitive policy with just the right coverage.

As for climate, you'll find that Southaven is generally comfortable and has predictable weather patterns for most of the year. You can feel reassured that you won't have to deal with frozen pipes because Southaven's winter temperatures do not dip below 34 degrees. However, summers are longer than average and feature high temperatures and humidity. In fact, 78% of homes in Southaven face a major heat risk in the future as summer weather becomes more extreme.

Explore the Risks of Owning a Home in Southaven, MS

With home insurance, your provider will cover the cost of repairing your home if it's damaged by weather, fire, or a break-in. Floods are not generally covered under insurance policies, but in Southaven, you face a relatively minor risk of this happening as only 6% of properties fall under the flood-risk category.

The major risk you need to be aware of as a homeowner in Southaven is property crime. Two out of every 100,000 people in Southaven experience theft, and the city has a higher rate of break-ins than other parts of Mississippi. To account for this risk, make sure your home insurance in Southaven, MS, offers you the coverage you need for personal property loss and home repairs.

Compare Average Rates of Home Insurance in Southaven, MS

How much you pay for home insurance depends on many factors, including the following:

  • the location of your home
  • the likelihood of severe weather events
  • your individual credit history
  • the age and value of your property

Homeowners in Southaven pay an average of $2,215 per year to insure their properties. This is lower than the Mississippi state average and comparable with nearby Memphis, Tennessee.

The cost of your home insurance premium may change depending on the level of coverage you choose and how much you want to set aside as a deductible. Major providers offer different options for add-ons to your policy if you have an outdoor pool or other special features on your property. Use VIU by HUB to explore and compare home insurance to find a policy that works for you.

Feel Confident With Home Insurance Protection in Southaven, MS

From enjoying world-class culture and entertainment in Memphis to exploring nature trails near the Mississippi River, buying a home in Southaven just makes sense. Pair your new property investment with comprehensive home insurance in Southaven, MS, to keep your peace of mind intact.

Use VIU by HUB to feel confident that you're getting the best rate with the best coverage. You can compare options from major insurance providers and choose a policy that will protect your home and secure your future.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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