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St. Joseph, Missouri is a busy university city with a population of just over 73,000 and two universities. Home ownership is almost 60%. With a median income of just over $50,000 and a median home value of $120,300. purchasing a home is quite accessible to local residents, and home insurance in St. Joseph is a common necessity.

Local Climate and Weather

While Missouri is not known for extreme temperatures, it is prone to extreme weather. The tornado index value for St. Joseph, Missouri, is about double that of the nation as a whole. Even for a state that averages a high rate of tornado formation, the city stands out with an index value around 25% higher than Missouri's statewide average.

Some residents in the area may need flood insurance in addition to basic homeowners coverage due to the nearby Missouri River. You can use VIU by HUB to find home insurance in St. Joseph that is designed to protect against these foreseeable weather events.

Home Insurance Prices in St. Joseph

Missouri is an expensive state for home insurance, with an average premium price almost 50% higher than the national average. St. Joseph residents can expect to pay above average premium costs even for the state, with an average annual home insurance premium in the city pricing out at $4,102.

A lot of the cost of insuring a home in Missouri can be attributed to the high rate of tornado formation. The cost of home insurance in the city is also influenced heavily by the high rate of property crime in the area, though. In 2022, St. Joseph had a crime rate of 49.66 incidents per 1,000 residents, making it in the 97th percentile nationally. Property crimes were seven times more likely to happen than violent crimes, which demonstrates how important good insurance can be in the area.

Essential Home Insurance in St. Joseph

When you compare home insurance quotes with VIU by HUB, you can see how changing the amount of coverage and the balance of coverage types will change the cost of your policy at several insurance providers simultaneously. That lets you find the right balance of protection and price when you shop for dwelling coverage and property liability insurance.

Dwelling coverage is part of your policy that protects your home and belongings against damage from extreme weather, property crime and accidents. The total amount of coverage you buy should be enough to take care of the full value of the home and your belongings if you want complete protection. Sometimes, high-value items, such as jewelry, have lower limits than total dwelling protection, and some homeowners purchase additional coverage just for those items.

Property liability coverage is also a necessity because it protects you in case someone is injured on your property and you are found liable for damages. The amount of protection you need in this area depends on the features of your property and the potential hazards a guest could face.

Find the Coverage You Need

Homeowners in St. Joseph can find the peace of mind they need by protecting their investments with a home insurance policy built around the unique features of their home and the things they fill it with. Comparing quotes can show you more than just differences in price, too. It can also show you which additional coverage options cost more, so you can see when your best deal on home insurance in St. Joseph changes.

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