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Driving in Butte

Butte, technically called Butte-Silver Bow, can be an incredible place if you love snow. It gets noticeable snowfall a whopping nine months of the year, with March being the snowiest and averaging 9.5 inches. Of course, this wintry weather can pose challenges for drivers much of the year, so reliable car insurance in Butte, MT, is important.

About 35,400 people live in the city, and public transit is free. However, routes, hours and days can be limited, and the average household in Butte owns two cars. Most Butte residents drive alone to work with a commute time of 15.2 minutes one way.

About five people are involved in fatal car crashes per year in Butte. You can drive as safely as possible but are always at risk of being in an accident due to factors such as weather and others' distracted driving. Fortunately, VIU by HUB makes comparing car insurance rates easy so you can find the right coverage for your needs.

Auto Insurance Requirements in Montana

Montana requires 25/50/20 liability insurance. This offers $25,000 for one person's bodily injury or death in an accident you cause, $50,000 for the same for two or more people in an accident and $20,000 for property damage in an accident.

It is important to note this is liability insurance and does not cover your own injuries or property. Another driver's insurance might if that person is at fault and your needs do not exceed the limits of that driver's coverage.

Optional Insurance in Montana

Many motorists get more than the 25/50/20 minimum because a lawsuit could put their assets at risk. Auto insurance experts recommend having about the same amount in insurance that you have in assets. Coverage of 100/300/100 may be enough to protect your assets and peace of mind. Other considerations include these.

  • Uninsured motorists coverage: This could help in hit-and-runs and situations where another driver lacks insurance or enough insurance.
  • Collision: Collision coverage can help with repairs to your car or vehicle replacements if you are in a collision with another car or object, such as a tree. Lenders often require this.
  • Comprehensive: Similar to collision, except that comprehensive coverage typically covers other instances such as impact with an animal, fire or theft.

The Average Cost of Car Insurance in Butte, MT

The average driver in Butte pays $137 a month or $1,648 a year. You could pay more or less depending on your deductible amount, coverage types and limits, your vehicle's make and model, the other drivers in the household and covered drivers' age, gender, marital status and credit history.

It is a good idea to compare quotes at least once a year. Your insurance needs can change quickly, for example, if a child starts driving or goes to college. Similarly, if you pay off a car loan, you have more options about whether you want collision or comprehensive or in what amounts. If you buy a new car, the insurance that sufficed for your older vehicle may be inadequate for the new car.

Insurers compute risks differently, so you are likely to get different quotes from the various insurers for the same types of coverage and limits. You can save a good deal of money just by reviewing these rates. Fortunately, you can easily compare quotes for car insurance in Butte, MT, with VIU by HUB to find the best affordable insurance for your needs.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.



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