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Experience Living in Picturesque Helena

Helena is the capital of Montana and was founded in 1864. Thanks to the wealth of the gold rush in the late 1800s, the city has many buildings with elaborate and breathtakingly beautiful Victorian architecture. The city's 32,000 residents have access to many amenities. including Lewis and Clark National Forest and various shops, galleries, museums and eateries.

The cost of living in Helena is only 0.2% higher than the national average, so residents pay about the same as in other cities for healthcare, groceries, childcare and other needs. However, homes in the area are more expensive than the national average, at $439,800 compared to $338,100. The current one-year appreciation rate for area homes is 14.51%, well above the national average of 8.27%.

Home Insurance in Helena, MT

Home insurance in Helena, MT, is vital for protecting your investment and costs an average of $1,958 annually. This is well above the national average rate of $1,428. The exact cost of your insurance depends on your risk factor, the type of policy you choose and the deductible you opt to pay.

How Home Insurance Protects You

Home insurance provides the money you need to repair or rebuild your home after a natural disaster or other covered emergency. Depending on your policy, you'll receive the amount your home was worth when you purchased it, the amount it's worth after factoring in depreciation or the amount it's worth when purchased plus an additional 20-25% above your policy limit if you need it to pay for rising construction costs.

Your insurance also protects you and your family members. If someone slips and falls on your property, your coverage will pay their medical expenses and any expenses related to lawsuits or settlements. In addition, your policy pays out if you accidentally damage someone's property while in their home. It even protects you if you're walking your dog and it bites someone.

A standard policy compensates if you're displaced during reconstruction and must stay in a hotel and eat out more often. Your insurer won't provide money right away, though. You'll have to pay out of pocket and prove your expenses for reimbursement. Remember, strict daily limits exist, so avoid overspending if you want full reimbursement.

Finally, your policy protects your belongings, including clothing, furniture, jewelry and electronics. Your coverage for possessions extends outside of your home, so you can file a claim even if you lose your favorite bracelet while you're out on the town. Typical coverage offers 50-70% of your policy limit to replace damaged or stolen property.

Determining Your Risk Factor

Your risk factor plays into how much you pay for insurance. Insurers look into your history, the state of your home and your neighborhood to determine your price. If your credit is less than stellar or you've filed home claims in the past, you may pay more.

You will also pay more if you own an older home that doesn't have up-to-date plumbing and electrical systems or security systems. Finally, you may pay more if you live in a neighborhood with high property crime. Helena has a higher property crime rate than the national average at 57.4 compared to 35.4. so factor this in when considering your insurance costs.

Determining which policy best meets your needs can be time-consuming and overwhelming if you try to research each insurer by yourself. VIU by HUB can help you find home insurance in Helena, MT, quickly and easily with its quote comparison tool. All you need to do is answer a few questions, and you'll have a list of policies available in your area in about 30 seconds.

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