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Get to Know Bellevue, Nebraska

Bellevue is a suburb of Omaha with nearly 65,000 residents, ranking it as the third largest city in Nebraska. You'll find some of the state's best attractions here, including the Aerospace Museum and Mahoney State Park. It's also the home of Bellevue State University. Many residents are attracted to Bellevue's beautiful location on the banks of the Missouri River, not to mention its low cost of living. Those who buy property here will find homes constructed in almost every decade, but the median age of residential real estate in Bellevue is about 40.

Buying a Home in Bellevue

Sperling's Best Places reports that the median home price in Bellevue is just over $259,000. 23% less than the national average of about $338,000. In addition to the relatively affordable housing cost, Bellevue residents save about 5% on the national cost of living overall. However, the city is slightly more expensive than the average cost of living in Nebraska.

According to the Nebraska Examiner, the Omaha metro area is one of the country's most competitive housing markets. The average cost of a new construction home in Bellevue and beyond could hit the half-million dollar mark in the coming quarters. Builders and regulators have responded by maximizing the number of housing units in development projects to keep costs down and expand available inventory.

Potential Issues for Bellevue Homeowners

State residents should be aware of the prevalence of tornadoes, with nearly three dozen storms on average every year. Severe summer thunderstorms can also cause hail, which can in turn wreak havoc on your home's exterior structure. Make sure your home policy covers the cost of wind and hail damage. Some policies have a separate deductible for these types of claims.

Winter weather may pose a concern in years with heavy snowfall. Although most home insurance coverage pays for damage caused by the weight of ice and snow, standard policies typically don't pay for flood-related damage. If snowmelt often leaks into your property, consider purchasing a separate flood rider. You can find the best rates on comprehensive coverage by comparing quotes with VIU by HUB.

Average Cost of Bellevue Homeowners Insurance

According to data from Nerdwallet, the average cost of homeowners insurance in Bellevue, NE, is $252 a month or $3,020 per year. In comparison, the national average is just $1,820. 

Several factors contribute to Bellevue's relatively high home insurance premiums. Insurance companies compensate for the higher risk of severe weather by raising rates for coverage. The rate of claims in your area also affects the amount you pay for homeowners insurance, even down to your specific street. 

Requirements for Nebraska Home Insurance

Nebraska doesn't mandate homeowners insurance, but you have to follow the requirements outlined in your mortgage agreement if you have a home loan. Many lenders require a minimum amount of dwelling insurance, which pays for the repair or replacement of your home and its contents if a covered event occurs. You may also have to purchase liability coverage, which pays medical and legal costs if someone outside the family has a serious injury at your property. Personalizing your homeowners insurance in Bellevue, NE, ensures you have the coverage you need when you need it.

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