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Choose the Right Home Insurance in Cattle Country

Dodge County is home to Fremont, Nebraska, a small city on the Platte River. Fremont has 27,318 residents in a little more than 10 square miles. The city was located on the Mormon Trail in the 19th century and saw settlement and growth from people looking for new land. Today, it is a city close to the major metropolitan area of Omaha and sees people seeking a more suburban life.

Info About People and Real Estate in Fremont

Fremont residents are mostly part of the middle-class with a median household income of $60,962 and a homeownership rate of more than 64% in 2021. The economy of Fremont is centered around manufacturing, health care and retail, with a statewide unemployment rate of 2.2%. If you want to buy a home, expect to pay an average of $146,900.

Risks of living in Fremont include hail damage and winter storm issues. Unlike other parts of Nebraska, Fremont doesn't have a high rate of tornadoes. The climate in Fremont is humid continental, with hot summers and snowy winters, so winter storms can be dangerous with ice and heavy snowfall. Another problem residents may see in Fremont is property crime, with a 1 in 51 chance of being a victim.

Budgeting for Homeowners Insurance

Nebraska's history of tornadoes means the state has some of the most expensive homeowners insurance in the country. Fremont home insurance could run $3,180 per year if your home is worth around $300,000. This number includes standard deductibles and coverage limits. Saving on home insurance is possible if you shop around and compare coverage with VIU by HUB.

Insurance rates vary depending on several factors, so living in Fremont doesn't mean you will always pay the highest rates. If your home is located directly on the Platte River, you could see more rates due to the risk of flooding. Additionally, if you live in the Inglewood neighborhood, you could see the highest rates due to more crime. Outlying areas in rural Fremont may see lower rates due to reduced risks.

Home Insurance Policies Explained

If you visit VIU by HUB, you'll be able to see multiple home insurance quotes from different providers. For each quote, you may customize the type of coverage you need. The purpose of home insurance is to provide a financial cushion if something terrible happens to your home or stuff inside. Insurance providers will list the covered perils, such as fires, rain damage, wind destruction, tornado activity or losses from theft.

A standard home insurance policy covers the dwelling, personal items and personal liability in case someone gets hurt on your property. Providers work with you to create coverage limits, for example, the value of your home on the real estate market and replacement costs for your items. You may also customize your deductible, which is the amount you pay out of pocket when you experience a loss and file a claim.

Some homeowners may opt for extra insurance policies or coverage add-ons if the standard policy isn't enough. You can buy extra policies to cover expensive items, such as fine jewelry or furs. You may also need swimming pool insurance or flood insurance depending on the details of your home.

Get Insurance Coverage for Your Situation

The right kind of Fremont home insurance is the plan that works for you and gives you peace of mind. VIU by HUB gives you an easy way to see many different options for coverage and shop around for your policy.

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