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Welcome to Pahrump

Located near the Nevada-California border, Pahrump is an unincorporated town with a unique history. Its original title was " Pah-Rimpi " or "Water-Rock," so named by the Southern Paiute tribe for the abundance of artesian wells in the area. The town became a base camp for prospectors in the late 19th century, but it saw its real boom in the 1960s due to real estate development and growth from nearby Las Vegas. 

Pahrump Demographics and Economy

Today, Pahrump is a thriving community. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the town's population was 44,738 in 2020. Pahrump residents' median income was $53,743 in 2021, reflecting a 9.8% increase from 2020. Fueled by tourism town's chief industries include arts and entertainment, recreation, hospitality, retail trade and construction. 

Homeownership in Pahrump

Pahrump's median home value is $287,303. increasing by 17.49% over the last two years. Homeowners make up 75.5% of the local population. Most are single-family homes, comprising 61.4% of all residences in the town.

Protecting their financial futures is an important priority for area homeowners like you. VIU by HUB is a user-friendly platform that lets you get quotes, compare options, choose add-ons and buy policies for home insurance in Pahrump. 

A Guide to Home Insurance in Pahrump

If you own a home in Pahrump, you'll likely pay lower premiums than in other parts of the country. Homeowners in the town pay an average yearly rate of $1,070. This is lower than the state's typical rate and the nation's average annual premium of $1,820. 

Several variables affect your home insurance rates. Your home's age, location and condition are critical factors. Insurers also look at your credit score and claims history. Finally, unique risks such as wildfires and flooding also impact what you'll pay for home insurance in Pahrump.

Climate Risks for Pahrump Homeowners

Pahrump has a moderate wildfire risk. According to Risk Factor, 54% of the city's properties have some chance of being impacted by wildfires in the next three decades. Contributing factors to this risk include increasing regional temperatures, changing precipitation patterns and declining average humidity. 

Home Insurance Policy Components

Home insurance shields you from financial catastrophe by reimbursing you for major losses. These losses typically fall into four categories: 

  • Structure: Buildings on your property, including garages and sheds
  • Personal property: Clothing, electronics, furniture, cookware, toys, games and other personal effects
  • Liability: Bodily injuries and property damage caused by household members, including pets
  • Additional living expenses: Lodging, meals and other related expenses incurred living out of your home due to a covered loss

Standard home insurance reimburses for wildfire damage as well as losses from hail, high winds, storms, falling objects, theft, vandalism, malicious mischief and civil unrest. Climate-specific risks in your region can increase premiums, so check your policy documents for more details. 

Special Personal Property Coverage

The personal property segment of your home policy may have upper limits for coverage on individual items. For expensive goods such as musical instruments, high-end computer equipment or fine jewelry, you may need special personal property coverage. This add-on reimburses you for losses on covered items up to their appraised values. 

Choosing Your Best Home Insurance Options

Indemnity protection is a must to maintain your financial security. With VIU by HUB, you can quickly get quotes for home insurance in Pahrump that meet your needs and budget. You can even explore add-on coverages, as well as bundle policies such as home and auto. Get started now!

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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