Auto Insurance in Wilmington, NC

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Motorists who reside in Wilmington need auto insurance that covers liability for injuries caused to other drivers and damage to property. Auto insurance in Wilmington NC can also include collision coverage and more comprehensive policy benefits. VIU by HUB brokers help customers compare coverage and costs and decide on the right car insurance policy. You may prefer a policy that has liability limits that are higher than state minimums or options such as replacement or agreed value coverage.

Maintain Sufficient Liability Coverage

Wilmington is a popular destination for waterside recreation. Residents may encounter traffic on Interstate 40 and I-140 as well as US Routes 17, 74, 76, 117 and 421 and North Carolina State Highways 132 and 133. Liability coverage protects motorists from having to pay expenses out of pocket for bodily injuries caused to others and any property damage that occurs in a wreck. Auto insurance in Wilmington NC should include coverage for all of the following liabilities:

  • Bodily injury to one person: North Carolina mandates that vehicle owners have insurance with a limit of at least $30,000 for injuries to one person during a collision. Talk to a VIU by HUB broker about raising this limit for more coverage.
  • Injuries to two or more people: Drivers must have at least $60,000 in liability coverage for causing injuries to two or more drivers or passengers. A higher limit can be helpful in case of a multi-car collision.
  • Property damage during a collision: Wilmington drivers are also required to carry at least $25,000 in coverage for property damage caused during a collision. A VIU by HUB broker can recommend policies with higher limits to limit out-of-pocket costs and personal liability.

More Comprehensive Car Coverage

Liability is only part of a complete car insurance policy. Collision coverage and options for systems such as electronics or safety glass or services such as towing and labor make any policy more useful. A VIU by HUB broker can help you compare options for auto insurance in Wilmington NC and decide on any of the following types of policies or benefits:

  • Agreed value: An agreed value policy insures a vehicle for an amount determined during an appraisal and set forth in a statement of property value. These policies may eliminate the co-insurance clause found in standard car insurance policies. 
  • Replacement value: A replacement value policy will provide the cost of a covered vehicle that has been totaled without factoring in depreciation. Most car insurance policies are actual cash value and may not pay out enough to replace a vehicle with a comparable make and model.
  • Full glass: From the windshield to the rear window, intact safety glass is essential for visibility on the road. Full glass coverage offsets the cost of window repair or replacement without a deductible.
  • Electronic equipment: Vehicle owners can add coverage for electronics installed in a vehicle to a car insurance policy. This policy option offers protection against theft, damage and other hazards that would otherwise be uncovered perils.
  • Roadside assistance: Auto insurance can also cover the cost of towing and labor. Ask a VIU by HUB broker about ways to cover emergency costs that you would otherwise have to pay out of pocket.

The make, model and build of a vehicle may determine whether an agreed or replacement value policy is the best option. Other benefits for auto insurance in Wilmington NC may lower unexpected car-related expenses.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.

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