Home Insurance in Winston Salem, NC

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Coverage for Forsyth County Homes

Homeowners in Winston-Salem, NC should insure their properties. Home insurance offsets the costs of damage cleanup and repairs in the event of a covered peril. Find out what home insurance in Winston-Salem, North Carolina covers and how to make a claim. The median home value in the second largest municipality in the Piedmont Triad region is around $189,000 and up over 18% year over year. VIU by HUB insurance brokers help property owners find policies that account for the value of their homes. 

Covered Perils In the Piedmont Triad

Homes located in Winston-Salem may be exposed to several types of perils. Damage due to fire, storms or interior water damage can cost thousands of dollars to fix. Homeowners should seek out policies with low deductibles and limits that correspond to the value of a residence. Here are three of the most common types of damage that occur to residences in the Piedmont Triad:

  • Fire: Fires can cause over $10,000 of damage in the event of a partial loss and a total loss can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to rebuild. Choose a policy with limits suitable for the value of your home.
  • Storm: Storm damage can also cause hundreds or thousands of dollars of damage to homes in Winston-Salem. From severe thunderstorms to tornadoes and winter storms, homeowners can depend on home insurance to limit out-of-pocket expenses when disaster strikes.
  • Water: Some forms of water damage are covered while damage caused by external water is usually not. A homeowner may want to take out an additional flood insurance policy and an endorsement or rider for sewer damage.

What You Need To Make a Claim

Policyholders should start preparing to make a claim as soon as damage occurs or becomes apparent. The following list is not complete, but gives some idea of what is necessary to make a claim against home insurance in Winston-Salem: 

  • Insurance contact information: Policyholders should keep the contact information for your insurance agent or any other representative on hand. This makes it easier to start the process of making a claim sooner rather than later.
  • Documentation of damage: A homeowner in Winston-Salem NC should carefully document all damage caused by a covered peril. Photographs and videos are helpful for supporting a claim and can facilitate settlement.
  • Lists of losses: Enumerating losses is another important step toward recovering from a moderate to major loss. These may take the form of building materials or contents, and should be checked to ensure that it is not possible to restore these materials.
  • Proof of purchase: Based on whether a home insurance policy covers actual cash value or replacement value, you may have more or less limited coverage for replacing losses. Providing proof of purchase can be helpful if you have a replacement value policy that does not factor in depreciation.
  • Estimates of repair costs: A homeowner in Winston-Salem can plan ahead by getting an estimate of repair costs from a damage repair service approved by insurers. These calculations are helpful during the process of settling a claim and suggest the amount of coverage that is needed.

Once you make a claim against home insurance in Winston-Salem, the premiums of your policy and other costs may change. It is important to plan ahead to make a successful claim that will limit lasting damage and out-of-pocket costs for cleanup and restoration.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.

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