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Living in Morgantown

Named one of the best places to live byMoney Magazine, Morgantown, WV, is home to more than 29,000 people. The city offers eclectic cultural experiences such as summer concert series, various family-friendly festivals and plenty of shopping and dining options.

Residents also enjoy a cost of living 10.2% lower than the national average. In the United States, the average cost-of-living index is 100. Huntington's rating is 89.8, which means everything from child care to housing is more affordable.

Buying a House in Morgantown

Buying a house in the area is a sound investment. The median home value is $257,900, significantly more affordable than the national median value of $338,100. Homes in the area have a median age of 53 years, and home appreciation is up 12.4%. Of course, if you buy a home, you must also purchase home insurance in Morgantown, WV. The average annual cost is $1,182 compared to the national average of $1,582.

Insurance Protects Your Investment

If a covered disaster such as a fire occurs, your policy pays for repairing or rebuilding your home. The amount you have to rebuild depends on the type of coverage you have. 

  • Actual Cash Value: This pays you the amount your home and belongings are worth after accounting for depreciation.
  • Replacement Cash Value: This covers the amount your home and belongings were worth when purchased without considering depreciation.
  • Extended Replacement Cost: This policy provides 20-50% above what your policy is worth and is meant to cover price increases in construction.

Home insurance covers your belongings, including furniture, clothing, appliances and electronics. Your policy typically does so at 50-70% of your policy. You can usually use this coverage even if you lose something or have it stolen while away from home.

Finally, home insurance protects you and the people and pets in your home. If you visit a friend and your child accidentally breaks something in their home, your policy will repair or replace it. If you're walking your dog and it bites someone, your coverage will pay the person's medical bills. It also covers expenses related to lawsuits or settlements. Experts recommend carrying at least $300,000 in liability protection.

Risk Factors To Consider

Insurers use various information to determine your risk factor and how much your premium will be. Crime is one of the most significant factors. It is rated on a scale of 1 (lowest crime) to 100 (highest crime). The national average is 35.4. Morgantown's rate is 32.2. Since it is safer than the average city, you may pay less for insurance.

Climate is another significant factor. Morgantown averages 43 inches of rain annually, just above the national average of 38 inches. It also receives about 28 inches of snow each winter. If your property is low-lying, be sure to purchase flood insurance. Flooding is not a covered disaster in most home policies.

Insurance agencies also consider risks related to your home and you. Older homes without updated safety and security features cost more to insure than more up-to-date ones, and some materials are more affordable to insure than others. You may also pay more if you have a poor credit history or have filed insurance claims before.

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