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VIU by HUB finds the right insurance policies for your unique needs — no matter where you land next.
Compare, shop and manage customized policies from your favorite A-rated providers, all in one place. To speak with an experienced VIU by HUB advisor, call 877-871-7234.

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With VIU by HUB, you can enjoy an expertly guided one-stop shop for all your personal insurance policies and never have to quote again.

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    Compare and shop insurance policies from over 25 providers in seconds.

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    See exactly what you’re covered for and where you may need more protection.

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    Get personalized coverage and expert guidance from trusted VIU by HUB Advisors.

"I had a Washington license and a car insured through a WA carrier when I signed the final documents on a home . . . - but I couldn't move in until [at least two months later]. My story is unique, but my agent listened and guided me to the right insurance policy with the right provider. I got the same awesome treatment for my home and just got my new car along with a printed copy of my new policy.”

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We'll find the right policies for you

Whether you need auto, homeowners, renters or other kinds of insurance, VIU by HUB Advisors will make sure to keep you safe and covered.

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The VIU by HUB experience makes managing your personal insurance easier and more delightful than ever. Watch the video to see how it works:

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VIU by HUB offers a variety of personal insurance policies, including instant digital quotes for auto, homeowner, renters, condo, life and pet. We also offer second home, umbrella, boat, bike, RV and many other kinds of policies by phone. We do not offer personal, individual or group medical health policies.

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You should trust VIU by HUB because our parent company HUB International has been serving customers for 25 years, consistently ranked as one of the top five insurance brokerages worldwide. And with 25+ carrier partners and more than 475 offices in North America, we’re fully equipped and ready to serve you for the next 25 years and beyond.

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We’re independent digital insurance agents, which means we don’t sell policies issued by our own insurance company. Instead, we identify policies that are specifically relevant and right for you. And thanks to our A-rated insurance carrier partners – which means they’re top-ranked in financial strength and ability to pay claims – we’re able to offer their policies at the best possible price.

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VIU by HUB makes money through commissions earned when you buy a policy from one of our insurance carrier partners. In some cases, VIU by HUB may refer you to partner providers. When that happens, we collect a referral fee. Other VIU by HUB services are provided to you at no additional cost, because HUB is paid through the commissions we receive from insurers.

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