Are winter toys covered by insurance?

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Winter is the time when snowmobiles roar to life and skis and snowboards slice through fresh powder. While these winter toys offer fun and adventure, they also come with great risks that may not be covered by your homeowners insurance. That's why for some, insuring winter toys is not just a good option, it's a necessity. These recreational vehicles and equipment face a unique set of risks that can quickly turn your winter adventure into a costly ordeal. The very nature of winter sports and activities exposes your equipment to the harsh elements of snow and ice, increasing the likelihood of damage or wear and tear compared to hobbies whose equipment stays safe inside your home. Beyond the weather-related wear and tear, the thrill-seeking nature of winter sports can lead to accidents, ranging from a collision on a snowmobile trail to a tumble down a ski slope. Without proper insurance, you may find yourself facing not only a physical recovery, but a financial burden for repair or replacement.

Types of winter toy insurance

Snowmobile insurance

  • Coverage – Snowmobile insurance typically offers coverage for damages to your snowmobile, liability protection and coverage for medical expenses resulting from accidents.
  • Premiums – The cost of snowmobile insurance can vary widely depending on factors like your location, age, experience and the make and model of your snowmobile and your riding history.

Snowboard and ski insurance

  • Coverage for equipment – These policies can cover the cost of repairing or replacing your snowboard or ski equipment in case of damage or theft.
  • Coverage for injuries – Snowboard and ski insurance often includes coverage for injuries sustained while skiing or snowboarding, which can help with medical expenses.
  • Premiums – To lower your insurance premiums, consider safety training courses and bundling your winter sports insurance with other policies.

How to choose the right winter toy insurance

When selecting the ideal winter toy insurance, start by assessing your unique needs, understanding the value of your equipment and gauging your risk tolerance. When you know what type of coverage you’re interested in, you can compare available policies. Consider factors such as coverage limits, deductibles and any supplementary benefits offered by different insurance companies. An insurance broker like VIU by HUB can help you obtain and compare options.

Premium prices are a common concern. When comparing policies, look for discounts and ways to lower it including:

  • Safe storage – Storing your winter toys properly during the off-season can reduce the risk of theft or damage, leading to lower premiums.
  • Safety measures – Many companies offer discounts for winter toy owners who complete safety training courses.
  • Multi-policy discounts – Bundling your winter toy insurance with other insurance policies, such as home or auto insurance, can provide savings.
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Recreational toy insurance that’s geared to you

Take it easy while we help you find and compare recreational toy insurance quotes, made to match your needs.


  • Does my homeowners or renters insurance cover my winter toys?
    In most cases, standard homeowners or renters insurance may provide limited coverage for winter toys, but it's often not sufficient to fully protect your equipment. It's recommended to get specialized winter toy insurance for comprehensive coverage.
  • What types of winter toys can be insured?
    Winter toy insurance can cover a wide range of equipment, including snowmobiles, snowboards, skis, ice fishing gear, snowshoes and more. It's essential to check with your insurer to confirm which types of policies are necessary for your equipment.
  • How does off-season storage affect my coverage?
    Many winter toy insurance policies offer off-season coverage at a lower rate, so your equipment is protected even when it's not in use.
  • Can I add multiple winter toys to a single insurance policy?
    Yes, many insurance companies offer the option to bundle multiple winter toys onto a single policy. This can often lead to cost savings by way of multi-policy discounts.
  • What should I do in case of an accident or damage to my winter toys?
    In the event of an accident or damage to your winter toys, contact your insurance provider and report the incident. They will guide you through the claims process, which may involve providing documentation and working with repair shops.
  • Are my accessories and gear covered under the policy?
    Depending on the policy, accessories and gear related to your winter toys, like helmets or goggles, may be covered to a certain extent. Review your policy to understand the extent of coverage for these items.
  • How can I lower my winter toy insurance premiums?
    Premiums can often be reduced by taking safety measures, completing training courses, maintaining a clean riding record and bundling your winter toy insurance with other policies. Ask your insurer about available discounts and strategies to lower your premiums.

So winter toys are covered by insurance and getting it can keep your winter worry-free. No matter what winter sports you do, having the right insurance coverage allows you to fully enjoy your winter activities while protecting yourself from unexpected setbacks.

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