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Second home insurance protects properties and possessions beyond your primary residence against unforeseen events like natural disasters, theft and more.

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    Safeguard your property whether you’re there or away

    Second homes face unique risks, whether often left vacant or used as a seasonal getaway or rental property. The right policy can cover theft, replacement and repairs for your unique situation.
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    Protect yourself with liability coverage

    If you get sued for accidental damage or an injury that happens on your secondary property, liability coverage can minimize the financial hit and repercussions to you and your family.
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    Consider flood, hurricane or earthquake insurance

    Depending on location, it’s wise to prepare for certain natural disasters and weather events. VIU by HUB Advisors can determine if and what kind of additional coverage your second home needs.

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Generally, yes. This is because second homes are often considered higher risk for reasons like being left vacant for extended periods of time. The location, home condition, security features and frequency of occupancy can all affect premiums. A VIU by HUB Advisor can provide the most relevant options for your needs and your unique vacation home.

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Standard second home insurance policies generally include coverage for the structure of your home, personal belongings, liability protection and additional living expenses incurred if a covered loss renders your home temporarily uninhabitable. A VIU by HUB Advisor can help you understand and compare the right second home insurance quotes for your needs.

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Yes, using your second home as a vacation property, long- or short-term rental will affect your policy options and premiums. A VIU by HUB Advisor can help you pinpoint and compare specific second home insurance policies that would best serve your situation.

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Depending on the nature of your rental activity, you may need a landlord policy. Landlord insurance offers different protections compared to a standard second home policy, which might include coverage for short-term rentals. A VIU by HUB Advisor can walk you through all your relevant options after discussing your unique second home situation and needs.

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