How our strategic partnerships drive customer satisfaction

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In today’s economic conditions companies are faced with volatility, uncertainty and transformation at a fast-moving pace. In order to survive these conditions companies must be able to adapt to what is happening now AND be prepared to face what comes next. Strategic partnerships are increasingly important tools for companies as they respond to market disruptions and drive innovation and growth.

Strategic partnerships are something we see often in our everyday lives. For instance, a credit card company that wants to drive more purchases partners with a retailer to offer incentives or Starbucks places in-store coffee shops at Barnes & Noble bookstores. Partnerships are a common way for organizations to garner diversified revenue streams while also improving and deepening the customer experience.

Identifying and securing the right business partnerships can drive significant customer satisfaction and engagement, leading to an increase in an organization’s customer conversion rates and loyalty. At the very least, the right strategic partnership will add value to your product or service by expanding what you have to offer.

At VIU by HUB, we’re forming relationships with partners by seamlessly adding personal insurance offerings to their existing products and services. We do this through collaboration of our expertise in marketing, integration, technology, supply chain (insurance carriers) or a combination of these. Our strategic partners are realizing an increase in customer satisfaction while delivering a new growth channel through insurance.

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VIU by HUB joins partners on the purchase journey

A natural area for VIU by HUB to form strategic partnerships is with real estate organizations and auto dealers as their customers require new insurance policies for purchases. Partners in these verticals can leverage:

Deep insurance brokerage expertise

Brokers understand the idiosyncrasies of all aspects of personal lines insurance, e.g., coastal risks, new driver vs. experienced and replacement costs. Partners can trust their clients will receive knowledgeable and neutral advisors who will help them secure the right coverage at the right price for their individual needs and situation.

Portfolio of insurance carriers

A digital brokerage can offer a tremendous number of insurance choices across 50+ carriers. As a carrier-agnostic broker, VIU by HUB presents the customer with unbiased options, meaning we are truly finding the best option for each customer.

Ongoing lifetime advice

Combining signature renewal experiences, with tools like an insurance digital wallet, ensures customers receive a trusted insurance solution that goes beyond their initial transaction. Partners can have confidence they’re referring a partner that customers can trust across a lifetime, regardless of what life might bring. By having that ability to serve customers across a lifetime and across segments/geographies, VIU partners will benefit from more stable and higher conversion rates...and ultimately stronger revenue results.

Strategic partnerships in action

As the number one personal insurance lines broker across the globe, HUB is delivering new value through partnerships that help companies solve challenges tied to digital journeys, customer experience and growth.

With these alliances, VIU partners benefit from deeper customer touchpoints, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Smart partnership drives customer satisfaction, and VIU by HUB is creating the highest of customer satisfaction within the auto and real estate industries – all while providing a better customer experience.