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A fresh perspective on insurance

Compare, shop and customize quotes from top-rated insurance carriers.

Insurance experts who have your back

VIU by HUB Advisors offer bias-free policy guidance and tailored expertise to keep you fully protected — every step of the way.

Your one-stop shop
for personal insurance

VIU helps you make the smartest coverage and carrier decisions, fast.

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    The only place to view your policies across providers

    Consolidate and access your policies anytime, anywhere — even if they’re with different insurance companies.
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    Quotes you can shop and compare in seconds

    Save time by automating all your quoting needs for relevant results in a couple of clicks, whenever you search.
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    The most value from customized coverage

    Adjust any details quickly and easily — so you can fully control your policies and only pay for what you really need.
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Insurance that's made for you

VIU is operated by HUB International, drawing on 25 years of industry knowledge to find you the right coverage at the best value — for smarter insurance, every time.

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Insurance in the palm of your hand

Access your policies across carriers with the VIU by HUB app

Create a free account to import your insurance policies and view all your coverage, all in one place.

What makes VIU different?

Discover a delightful way to manage your policies and forget complicated quoting once and for all.

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    Instant results

    Shop and compare insurance quotes across providers in seconds.

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    Total transparency

    See what you’re covered for and where you may need more protection.

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    Proactive advice

    Get personalized coverage guidance when you need it most.