Manage all your personal insurance, whether or not you got it through us

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    Import your existing policies
    One place to sync your personal policies across various providers.
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    Stay on top of coverage details
    A holistic look into every policy with key dates, documents and carrier info.
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    Lean on carrier-neutral advice
    On-call VIU by HUB Advisors for expert guidance, quoting help and more.

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Check out our FAQs or call 833-495-2748 to speak with an advisor.

You can create a free online account to enjoy VIU by HUB's features and benefits by providing your name, email address and phone number on our account sign-up page.

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A free online account grants you access to your own personal insurance dashboard, without having to first purchase a policy through VIU by HUB. Once you've signed in, you can import your existing policies for easy viewing, management and updates - all in one place.

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Compare quotes in minutes

Nope. You can create a free account to import and manage your existing personal insurance policies. And if you're looking to renew or extend your coverage, VIU by HUB Advisors are standing by to offer carrier-neutral guidance and answer any of your insurance-related questions or concerns.

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Compare quotes in minutes

Yes. After importing an existing insurance policy or purchasing one through VIU by HUB, you'll be able to see basics like policy numbers and key dates plus coverage details, carrier information and related documents like your insurance ID card, declarations and more.

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