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Homeowners need Delaware home insurance to protect their valuable investments. As of 2023, the average home value in the First State is $350,102. A home insurance policy should cover the cost of repairing damage or rebuilding after a total loss. Find out why Delawareans should carry homeowners coverage and use the VIU by HUB comparison tool to get the most affordable Delaware home insurance quotes.

Why property owners need Delaware home insurance

Severe seasonal weather can damage homes in Delaware. These storms include Nor’easters in winter and early spring, thunderstorms in late spring and summer and tropical systems in the fall. Coastal Delaware residences are at risk of flooding and storm swells year-round. Find out more about the unique risks for homes in the Blue Hen State:

       Delaware is the lowest-lying state in the nation, with a mean elevation of 60 feet above sea level.

       About 17% of the landmass of the state lies within a 100-year floodplain.

       Floodplains account for 16% to 18% of the land in three Delaware counties.

Approximately 18,000 structures stand in the 100-year floodplain in Delaware. These homes and buildings run an elevated risk of flooding. Homeowners insurance policies generally exclude flood damage. Supplemental coverage through private insurers or a policy with from the National Flood Insurance Program can help homeowners in these areas manage property damage risks due to floods.

Rising sea levels and the loss of absorbent wetlands in the state of Delaware increase flood risks. Over 100 years, the sea level off the Delaware coast has risen more than one foot. Historical estimates suggest that the state has lost over half of its wetlands since the 1780s. These changes make home insurance and flood coverage even more important for Delawareans.

Homeowners insurance requirements in Delaware

Delaware does not have laws requiring home insurance. Mortgage lenders require home buyers to maintain Delaware home insurance coverage. Broad, special or comprehensive form policies meet the requirements of most lenders.

If you have a federally backed mortgage and live in an area with elevated flood risk according to maps maintained by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, you may have a mandatory purchase requirement for flood insurance. Check to see whether your home is in a known flood zone to decide whether you need flood insurance.

Coverage for flood damage can be a smart financial decision even if the mandatory purchase requirement does not extend to the location of your home. There is a 26% chance of a 100-year flood event occurring during any 30-year period of time. Data also shows that people who live outside high-risk areas make up 20% of flood insurance claims.

Delaware home insurance options

Homeowners in Delaware have many options for customizing home insurance coverage. VIU by HUB makes it easy to compare Delaware home insurance quotes, check policy limits and obtain more coverage. Learn more about three different available policy forms along with options for additional coverage for flood damage, endorsements for sewer backups and other add-ons for homeowners policies.

Broad Form Policies

A broad form policy is the lowest level of insurance that meets the requirements of most mortgage lenders. These policies cover all the same named perils as basic form policies in addition to hazards such as the weight of ice, snow or sleet and sudden accidental damage to household systems.

Special Form Policies

The most common type of homeowners insurance can cover a primary dwelling, personal possessions and liability in addition to other structures on a property. Special form policies are open peril policies that cover all hazards except specific exclusions. These policies typically provide more coverage than basic or broad form policies, but still only pay out actual cash value.

Comprehensive Coverage

These open peril policies pay out replacement cost value and offer the most complete level of Delaware home insurance coverage. Comprehensive policies also typically cover a wider range of causes of damage and loss of personal property. This level of coverage typically has higher monthly premiums and annual rates than other policy forms.


The most popular additions to homeowners policies in Delaware include separate flood insurance policies and endorsements to cover valuable items like jewelry, fine art and antiques. The insurance experts at VIU by HUB help homeowners identify gaps in coverage and find ways to reduce financial or liability risks.

The average price of Delaware home insurance quotes

Delaware is an inexpensive state for home insurance. The average monthly quote for homeowners insurance in Delaware is $55 per month or $660 per year. The annual cost of protecting your Delaware residence is about 50% less than the national average. Any of the following factors can affect the cost of a policy:

       Home location.

       Home age.

       Claims history.

       Insurance carrier.

       Deductible levels.

The location of your home in Delaware can directly affect how much you pay for insurance. Homes near the coast often have higher premiums even though standard home insurance policies exclude flood damage. Owners of residences in flood zones should also factor in the additional cost of flood insurance.

Annual rates for standard home insurance policies for homes up to 15 years old with $200,000 in coverage range from around $750 to $1,000 among insurers. The age and value of your home can raise or lower your premiums. Property crime rates can also impact policy costs. Laurel, Seaford, Kent Acres and Milford have some of the highest levels of property crime in Delaware. Some insurance companies offer discounts to owners of residences who invest in home security systems.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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