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Protect your Michigan home with insurance

Encompassing 97,000 square miles of land and water, Michigan ranks as the 11th largest state in the nation. The Great Lake State's mix of cities, small towns and rural areas gives residents a wide choice of housing options. All areas of the state, though, have risks for homeowners, from the heavy snows of the Upper Peninsula to the potential for tornadoes throughout the Lower Peninsula. Carrying quality Michigan homeowners insurance remains the best way to protect the value of your home.

An assortment of risks to Michigan homes

Whether you own a ranch home in Grand Rapids, a condominium near Detroit or a cottage in Traverse City, your property has exposure to risk. In terms of extreme weather, tornadoes, with an average of 15 a year, pose one of the biggest threats to Michigan homes. These monster storms strike quickly and can have wind speeds of up to 200 mph. Recently, a powerful tornado in Gaylord in northern Michigan caused millions of dollars in insurance claims.

Winter storms also frequently damage homes throughout Michigan. Heavy snow can cause roofs to collapse and ice buildup on roofs creates leaks and water damage inside the home. Though not quite as common, ice storms also cause havoc for homeowners. Serious ice storms hit the state in 2023, 2020, 2013 and 1976 and caused widespread damage to homes.

Home fires remain a big threat to property and Michigan is no exception. Common causes of fires include cooking accidents, electrical malfunctions, heating problems and smoking in the home. Michigan homeowners must also contend with wind, hail, lightning and rain. These perils and others make Michigan homeowners insurance a necessity.

A discussion of the costs of home insurance

Many factors impact the cost of homeowners insurance, so it helps to get some basic information. The average cost of a homeowners policy in Michigan is $200 a month. Michigan insurance costs come in just below the national average, which one source puts at $2,760 a year or $230 a month.

When buying homeowners insurance, you deserve solid protections and a competitive price. It helps to regularly compare Michigan homeowners insurance quotes. Our VIU by HUB online platform allows you to look at prices and features from a cross-section of top-rated insurance providers. This process helps you feel confident when choosing a policy that fits your needs and budget.

A primer on Michigan homeowners insurance

State law does not compel you to carry insurance for your home; however, if you have a home loan, your lender will likely require you to have insurance coverage to pay for repairs to your home or to replace your home in a catastrophe such as a total loss fire. While the cost of the policy remains a top consideration, you also want to have adequate coverage in case of damage.

With so many coverage options, it pays to compare Michigan homeowners insurance quotes to look for the best deals for your needs. Our VIU by HUB online tool will help you get a suitable policy for a fair price. A well-designed policy will typically have protections in several key areas.

Dwelling Coverage

This protects the structure of your home from covered perils such as fires, smoke, storm damage and explosions. In some cases, you have a choice of which perils you want coverage for, and you can also include features such as inflation protection. This automatically increases the limits on your policy to keep up with increased repair and rebuilding costs.

Most homeowners policies do not cover flood damage. You can purchase a separate flood policy from an insurance company or from the National Flood Insurance Program.

Additional Structures

If your property has outbuildings or a valuable fence, this insurance category will repair these structures for covered events. Some limits are included as part of your policy, but if you have high valued secondary buildings, you may need to increase the level of coverage.

Personal Property

This refers to the value of items in your home such as furniture, clothing, jewelry and artwork. Your policy compensates you for damage to and theft of these belongings.

Loss of Use

Severe damage to your Michigan home could mean you have to temporarily live in a separate residence while contractors repair your property. Also known as Additional Living Expenses, this coverage will pay for the costs associated with a temporary relocation.

Personal Liability

This feature provides protection should someone become injured on your property or if you face specific legal expenses.

A path to affordable Michigan homeowners insurance 

No matter where you live in Michigan, you have unique needs. Understanding the costs of insurance can help you make the best decision. By exploring Michigan homeowners insurance quotes through our VIU by HUB platform, you gain crucial access to the most relevant information. The following factors impact how much you will pay for insurance for your home:

       The amount of coverage and types of perils you choose.

       The amount of your deductibles.

       The age and condition of your home.

       The value of your personal belongings.

       The location of your home.

If you live near a body of water, it could cost more to insure your home due to added risks. Crime rates can also impact premium costs. If you live in an area with an above-average level of crime such as theft and vandalism, this could raise the cost of your Michigan homeowners insurance.

In general, the more comprehensive coverage you select, the more you will pay for insurance. A Broad Form Insurance policy adds additional protections such as the sudden breaking of pipes and household systems, while a Special Form policy pays for everything except named exclusions such as earthquakes, floods and certain types of pest damage.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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