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Taking the risk out of your homeownership dream

Residents of North Dakota enjoy the wide-open spaces filled with grassland and farms, but there are a few risks associated with settling down in the Peace Garden State. Blizzards, wildfires, tornadoes and other natural disasters threaten the homes and structures of residents, potentially creating financial chaos for the hard-working families who make North Dakota their home. You can take the risks out of your investments with affordable but comprehensive North Dakota homeowners insurance.

Housing statistics

The housing market for the state remains stable. The average home value is $280,000. 60% of the state residents own their homes. Without the benefit of homeowners insurance, a homeowner’s equity in the value of their home could be wiped out in a single insured event.

Damage costs

Fire and lightning damage are the two most common claims filed on homeowners insurance policies each year. These causes of loss and more can be addressed with homeowners insurance.

The cost of North Dakota homeowners insurance

Although there are a number of factors impacting insurance rates, the average homeowner in North Dakota can expect to pay $190 a month for home insurance. This means that, based on a $250,000 home, homeowners pay around $2,280 annually in basic perils insurance coverage. This is about 35% above the national average annual rate.  North Dakota is the 15th most expensive state in the country in which to buy homeowners insurance.

When budgeting, it’s important for homeowners to find the most affordable insurance to keep their homes protected. VIU by HUB offers the tools you need to find a quote on a policy that meets your biggest risks with the most cost-efficiency.

Cost by company

The rates for insurance vary by insurer, with some companies offering rates that cater to specific people groups or insurance needs. Rates will vary according to where you live, your level of risk and several personal factors. Comparing quotes lets you see how much the coverage and price varies by insurer.

Cost by credit score

Your credit history has a lot to do with how affordable your North Dakota homeowners insurance will be. A higher credit score indicates a lower risk to the insurer, leading to more favorable rates. Low credit scores lead to higher rates.

Cost by town and city

Where you live also impacts your premiums, as some cities carry more risks to homeowners than others. Typically, insurance companies factor in local crime rates, prior claims history across a region, natural disaster risks and home construction to determine baselines for their quotes.

The age of your home, as well as its construction materials, impacts the cost to repair or rebuild. Typically, new homes have lower insurance rates than older homes because they are a lot easier to repair or replace and are constructed from more weather and damage-resistant materials.

The risks addressed by North Dakota homeowners insurance

Your home should be a safe haven where you feel free from harm, but unexpected events can put your home and family’s lives in danger. North Dakota experiences climate extremes throughout the year, with changing seasons bringing new weather-related risks.

Fire damage

In North Dakota, weather conditions increase the threat of home damage from wildfires. Drought conditions, dry brush and grasslands and strong winds can quickly turn a small fire risk into a serious concern. Although fire damage is included in homeowners policies, dwelling coverage limits may not be enough to fully repair or replace the home and its contents.

Flood damage

Coverage for water is limited in homeowners policies and excludes water damage related to flooding. Heavy snowfall during the winter increases the risk of spring flooding, particularly in areas near the Red River, the Wild Rice River and the Sheyenne River.

Because flood damage is an exclusion, you will need to secure additional coverage for your home. Flood Insurance is available in a separate policy from an insurance company or from the National Flood Insurance Program. You can use the tools offered by VIU by HUB to help you compare prices by different companies so you can find insurance options.

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