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Protecting your car with Washington auto insurance

Nearly 117,000 car accidents took place on Washington roads in 2022. That number may only increase in the near future if population trends continue at their current pace. Washington was among the states that saw the most growth between 2021 and 2022, adding more than 45,000 people. More drivers on the state's roadways means having a reliable Washington auto insurance policy to protect your car is vital.

Wildlife collisions in Washington

The Evergreen State's natural beauty is abundant. It boasts national monuments, national parks and over 120 state parks. However, the surrounding forests, plains and mountains introduce a hazard to drivers: collisions with wildlife. The Washington Department of Transportation estimates drivers have at least 5,200 annual collisions with deer and elk. Wildlife collisions only increase if you factor in other animals, such as moose, black bears and bighorn sheep.

Living and driving in Washington offers many benefits, and the state's population growth reflects that people are becoming aware of that fact. However, drivers need to have good car insurance between the risks of driving on Washington roads and the increase in vehicles. If you want to compare rates between different companies, VIU By HUB has an online comparison tool to show you additional Washington auto insurance quotes.

Getting competitive Washington auto insurance rates

If you own a car, you can take advantage of Washington's rates, which are lower than the national average. The average across the United States is about $150 per month for full coverage. Washington residents pay an average of $110 monthly for full coverage.

Factors influencing auto insurance rates in Washington

Washington ranks in the bottom fifth among the states with the most expensive car insurance. Although the state's population is increasing, it has a low population density, meaning traffic is more spread out than in other states.

Washington's weather is mild overall. While the weather can certainly influence road conditions, drivers experience comparatively fewer weather-related hazards such as freezing rain, snow or flooding.

How insurance companies determine your rates

Insurers look at several factors when setting individual policy rates. Knowing which ones influence your rates can help you find the right policy for your requirements. VIU by HUB has a comparison tool for Washington auto insurance quotes from different companies that allows you to determine which policy is the best value.

Driving violations

A speeding ticket, DUI or accident on your driving record can heavily impact your premiums. A speeding ticket can increase your rates by 25%, while a DUI can raise them by much more than 50%. You can keep your rates low by driving carefully and observing the law behind the wheel.


Insurance companies generally consider younger drivers as a higher risk. Inexperience behind the wheel and a tendency to take risks mean teenagers are more likely to be involved in accidents. Rates start to decrease as drivers reach age 25.

Credit score

Insurers view a low credit score as a higher risk. Individuals with low scores are more likely to file a claim. If you'd like to improve your credit score and pay lower auto insurance rates, work toward paying down any debts you have and pay bills on time.

ZIP code

Where you live in Washington can affect your insurance rates. ZIP codes with higher populations may have increased premiums because more people on the road make accident rates statistically higher. Metro areas may also have higher crime rates, including auto theft and vandalism, which influence premiums.

How to lower your rates

You may be able to pay less for car insurance by doing a few things:

       Check with a VIU by HUB Advisor to compare Washington auto insurance quotes. You may find a lower rate with a different company.

       Increase your deductible to lower your monthly premiums. This step can save you money if you can afford to pay more out-of-pocket expenses after an accident.

Washington laws

Washington has mandatory auto insurance requirements which require anyone who drives a motor vehicle to have auto insurance with liability limits of at least:

·        $25,000 for injuries or death to another person.

·        $50,000 for injuries or death to all other people.

·        $10,000 for damage to another person's property.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist

While state law does not require you to purchase this coverage, you may want to consider it. Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist coverage pays for your expenses when you are hit by an at-fault driver who either didn’t carry insurance (uninsured) or didn’t carry enough insurance to address all the medical bills or car repair costs (underinsured).

Optional coverages

Because your policy liability coverage does not pay for damages to your vehicle, you should consider purchasing Collision and Comprehensive Coverages. Collision Coverage pays for damage to your vehicle if you hit another vehicle or object. Comprehensive Coverage pays for damage caused by things other than a vehicle collision, like flood, vandalism, animal collision or falling objects.

Needing high-quality auto insurance in Washington

Washington has several forms of public transportation, including rideshare, park-and-ride, bus systems, ferries and light rail. Some light rail systems travel between Washington destinations. However, most public transportation systems are in the state's larger cities.

The easiest way to get around the Evergreen State is by car. Many areas are sparsely populated and don't have public transportation systems available. If you cannot get access to a vehicle, you may be able to get around by using a ride-hailing service or ride-sharing program.

If Washington auto insurance rates concern you, explore online to see how different companies stack up. VIU by HUB's online tool makes it easy to get Washington auto insurance quotes from several companies.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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