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Protect your interests with car insurance in Wyoming

As one of the 580,000 people who call Wyoming home, you know that your ability to go from place to place depends upon your automobile. For most people in the vast state, going to work or the doctor's office means driving a considerable distance. If a car accident happens, you want to know you have protection for Property Damage and Personal Injury. You can accomplish this with a strong Wyoming auto insurance policy that fits your lifestyle.

Conditions that make Wyoming roads dangerous

According to one source, Wyoming ranks among the top five states for dangerous roads, based on fatality rates and negligent driving data. Two main reasons pushed Wyoming near the top of the list: a high percentage of deaths (33%) caused by speeding and a high percentage of traffic fatalities (39%) caused by impaired driving. Wyoming drivers must also contend with other challenging conditions:

       Difficult mountain terrain.

       Numerous wildlife crossings.

       Blowing snow.

       Icy roads.

       Frequent semi-trailer traffic.

The long distances drivers often have to navigate in the state can lead to fatigue. In addition, the use of seat belts, one of the most important factors in reducing injury severity in a crash, remains relatively low in Wyoming. 78% or three out of four drivers do not use seat belts. One reason for this is that Wyoming only allows secondary enforcement of seat belt use. Though auto insurance does not prevent accidents, it can help you pay for Property Damage and Personal Injury.

Public transportation, like buses and train services, is available in Wyoming. However, most people rely on their car's convenience and mobility, as evidenced by the 427,000 licensed drivers in the state.

Factors that influence Wyoming auto insurance rates

Wyoming drivers pay slightly higher auto insurance rates than the national average of $235 a month. The average premiums reflect a mix of factors that go into creating any policy; however, many of these elements depend upon your situation. To find out more details about pricing, you can explore Wyoming auto insurance quotes online. Our VIU by HUB tool allows you to find the best deals by comparing insurance rates across many providers.

Minimum requirements

State law requires drivers in Wyoming to carry insurance and to show proof of insurance when requested by law enforcement. Mandatory basic liability covers medical bills and property damage of others when you cause an accident. The minimum required limits are:

·        $25,000 per person for Bodily Injury.

·        $50,000 per accident for Bodily Injury.

·        $20,000 per accident for Property Damage.

Optional limits and coverages

Drivers should consider purchasing liability limits that are higher than the minimum required limits. If you cause an accident that results in serious injuries or cause a total loss of another’s car that costs more than $20,000, these liability limits will be woefully inadequate to protect you from financial loss.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist

While state law does not require you to purchase Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist coverage, the law requires that every insurance company offer it to their auto insurance clients. This coverage pays for your expenses when you are hit by an at-fault driver who either didn’t carry insurance (uninsured) or didn’t carry enough insurance to address all the medical bills or car repair costs (underinsured).

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

If you have an outstanding auto loan, your lender could require you to carry Collision and Comprehensive Coverages. Regardless of having a lender’s requirement, you should consider purchasing these coverages for protection against the costs of damage to your vehicle.

Collision Coverage pays for damage to your vehicle caused by an accident, whether or not you are at fault. Without Collision Coverage, you could have to pay out of pocket to fix the damage to your car. Comprehensive Coverage pays for damages to your vehicle in situations that are not caused by a collision:

       Cracked windshield.

       Tree falling on your car.





It helps find the best rates for all these coverages by comparing Wyoming auto insurance quotes. When chatting with a VIU by HUB Advisor or using our online platform, you can fine-tune your search for the best insurance for your needs. 

Driving history and personal factors

The cost of Wyoming auto insurance depends in part on the driving record of the drivers listed on the policy. Individuals who have a history of traffic violations, a record of crashes or one or more impaired driving convictions present an increased risk for insurers and will have to pay higher premiums. These are some of the factors that insurance companies consider in determining the cost of auto insurance:

       Age of the drivers listed on the policy.

       Credit history of the primary driver.

       Driving records of the drivers listed on the policy.

       Claims history of the drivers listed on the policy.

       Year, cost and type of the insured vehicle.

Where you live can also impact your premiums. If you live in a city instead of a rural area, you might see increased rates due to more accidents in cities and sometimes a higher crime rate.

Deductibles and discounts

You can lower your premium for Comprehensive and Collision Coverages by raising your deductibles. While this increases your risk of out-of-pocket expenses in the case of an accident, it will save you money if you remain accident-free.

Steps that improve Wyoming auto insurance

Because motor vehicle accidents can happen anywhere at any time, you need strong insurance protection. You can take several steps to ensure you get the best coverage at a fair price. Make it a priority to compare Wyoming auto insurance quotes when you change vehicles, add or subtract a driver or renew a policy. 

Try to keep a clean driving record. Just one at-fault accident will raise your rates and possibly require you to pay more than the average driver. Next, consider the vehicles you own and take credit for safety enhancements on your vehicle such as anti-theft devices.

You should also maintain a good credit score. In Wyoming, drivers with good credit scores pay less auto insurance premiums than drivers with poor credit scores. Finally, do not forget to match your needs with a policy that covers your most important areas of exposure.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.


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