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The VIU by HUB experience makes managing personal insurance easier than ever. Watch the video to see how it works:

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Solutions for all kinds of insurance needs

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What makes VIU by HUB different is we look out for your best interests by combining trusted industry expertise with transparent options and an intuitive platform that displays all your personal insurance policies in one place. We do the work for you, so you can compare quotes fast before making informed coverage decisions for yourself and for your family.

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VIU by HUB offers a variety of personal insurance policies, including instant digital quotes for auto, homeowner, renters, condo, life and pet. We also offer second home, umbrella, boat, bike, RV and many other kinds of policies by phone. We do not offer personal, individual or group medical health policies.

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VIU by HUB works with over 50 insurance carriers, including Travelers, Nationwide, Safeco, Hartford, Liberty Mutual, Progressive and more.

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VIU by HUB makes money through commissions earned when you buy a policy from one of our insurance carrier partners. In some cases, VIU by HUB may refer you to partner providers. When that happens, we collect a referral fee. Other VIU by HUB services are provided to you at no additional cost, because HUB is paid through the commissions we receive from insurers.

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    We offer tips, resources and personal insurance advice to make things as easy as possible for you and your customers.

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    Proactive follow-ups

    When your customer enters our system, we'll find the best insurance options for their specific needs and location.

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    A partner for success

    To lighten your load, we'll help guide your customers and enrich their experience with your company.

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We fit right into your customer’s journey

With a delightful digital experience and easy access to licensed insurance brokers, we’re here to provide guidance at every step of the way.
VIU by HUB makes it easy to compare, shop and manage customized policies from
top-rated carriers, all in once place.