Home Insurance in Pueblo, CO

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Getting Proper Home Insurance in Pueblo, CO

Of the top ten major cities in Colorado, Pueblo has some of the least expensive real estate, making it an affordable place to put down roots. With a moderate climate and affordable living, over 106,000 call Pueblo home. Homeownership in this area doesn’t come without risks, however, which is why you need proper home insurance in Pueblo, CO. Whether you live up near Colorado State University-Pueblo or down near the Colorado State Fairgrounds, it’s important you protect the biggest investment you’ll probably ever make.

Some Risks in Pueblo

As a homeowner in Pueblo, you’re lucky to experience a moderate climate with all four seasons. While this can be a draw, there are some risks to homeownership. The following are just some of the risks that require home insurance in Pueblo, CO.

  • Theft and Vandalism – In the nation, about 4.69 out of every 1,000 homes are burglarized each year. In Pueblo, CO, that rate is 16.34 per every 1,000 homes. As you can see, the burglary rate is quite high.
  • Fire – Fires are some of the most common disasters related to home insurance in Pueblo. Aside from the fire damage, you’ll be dealing with smoke and water damage as well.
  • Flood – Flood insurance is a separate type of insurance than your typical policy, so keep that in mind when choosing an insurance company and purchasing a policy. Your insurer can help you get proper coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program.
  • Tornado – Tornadoes aren’t extremely common in the area, with only 49.5 averaging in Colorado each year, but it still may be something you’d want to include in your home insurance policy.

Types of Coverage to Consider

As you investigate home insurance in Pueblo, CO, realize there are a lot of different policies with a lot of different types of coverage. Home insurance isn’t just a one-size-fits-all product. You really need to speak with one of our representatives to comprehend what your unique needs are, so you can find the right insurance for your situation.

Maybe you’re a standard homeowner. Maybe you have a seasonal property. Do you own a duplex? A floating home? A mobile home? What about a rental property or a vacant property? All of these situations require specific insurance, and we can help you determine what that is for you. Some types of home insurance in Pueblo, CO, include:

  • Comprehensive Coverage – Everything from your home’s structure to the contents inside and everything you own on the property are covered with a comprehensive policy. This includes damage from most perils and most losses. Your policy might note certain exclusions.
  • Basic Coverage – A basic policy is going to cover your home and personal property, but only for certain perils named in the policy.
  • Broad Coverage – If you are looking for a policy that teeters between comprehensive and basic, a broad policy might be your choice. It covers physical damage and loss of your home, but it exempts certain exclusions you’ve named. You must name specific perils as well if you want your personal property protected.
  • No Frills Coverage – This is the most basic type of coverage you can get, but it does not include coverage for any perils, so it often doesn’t meet the standards of underwriting.
  • Personal Liability Coverage – This is a type of coverage that takes care of the medical costs associated with an injury that takes place on your property, but only if it happens to someone who doesn’t live at the residence.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.

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