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Coming Home to Norwalk

Norwalk is a town of almost 90,000 that was settled over 400 years ago in 1649. This city is in the southwestern part of Connecticut on the northern shore of the Long Island Sound. It is part of the Bridgeport and New York City metropolitan areas. Norwalk brings a long legacy as the location of the Battle of Norwalk during the Revolutionary War. As a major stop for the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroads, this part of the Constitution State has been a destination for travelers and businesspersons for years. Flanked by the Long Island Sound, the Norwalk Islands and the Norwalk River, this corner of Fairfield County is a place to be, especially for those who love the great outdoors.

Besides natural attractions and historic places, Norwalk is also home to various corporations, including Xerox, Pepperidge Farm and Frontier Communications. With a median family income over $100,000, the average home value in Norwalk is over $360,000 with an almost 20% increase over the past year. Having sufficient home insurance in Norwalk, CT, is critical. You deserve to remain safe, secure, and covered with the appropriate level of homeowner’s insurance.

Protecting Your Norwalk Home

Responsible homeownership is not only about maintenance and security. It also means making sure your home is protected against potential damages. Norwalk residents aren’t required to carry coverage by the state. On the other hand, a mortgage lender will likely require you to carry a policy for home insurance in Norwalk, CT, for the life of the loan. Here’s how a Norwalk home insurance policy in covers you and your household:

  • Damage and replacement of the structure and belongings due to fire, theft, vandalism, and covered weather events such as wind, lightning, or hail
  • Medical bills and liability for visitors who are injured in your home or on the premises
  • Destruction of other property elements such as garages, sheds, fences, and other structures
  • Expenses associated with temporary relocation during repair for a covered loss

Not all policies are equal. Some losses such as mold damage, water damage, roof leaks and foundation problems may be included in your insurance policy. Other issues such as termite damage, flooding and earthquakes probably won’t be covered and will require you to purchase protection over and beyond your home insurance in Norwalk, CT.

Understanding the Value

When buying home insurance in Norwalk, CT, consider the following types available:

  • Actual cash value: This covers repairs or replacement up to a fixed limit agreed upon when you buy your policy. For example, if your home is insured for $400,000, you will be responsible for costs above this amount. Such a policy does not account for inflation and other cost increases.
  • Replacement cost: Generally, more expensive, this policy accounts for inflation and other increases in repair costs such as higher material costs, labor costs, zoning regulation changes and other factors.

The liability limit is the amount of coverage in your insurance plan, either the actual cash value or the replacement cost. Your premium is the annual, semi-annual, or monthly cost that you pay to have home insurance in Norwalk, CT. The deductible is an amount that is deduced from a covered loss payout as determined by a claims adjuster. There’s usually an inverse relationship between your premium and deductible. The more you pay for one, the less you pay for the other.

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.

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