Home Insurance in Medford, OR

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Insuring Your Home in Medford, Oregon

If you call Medford your home, you know how amazing it is to live in the Rogue River Valley nestled among the Siskiyou Mountains. Whether it's the vast outdoor recreation, sprawling mountain forests or rich agricultural lands that have attracted you to the area, there are many reasons to buy a home and settle here permanently.

Medford is the epicenter for retail, professional and medical businesses in the southern part of the state and is the 8th largest city in Oregon. Its expanding population has people buying new homes from the foothills of Eagle Trace to the banks of Bear Creek in Northridge Terrace. No matter where you live, VIU by HUB provides Medford, OR home insurance coverage to protect your property.

Why Homeowners Insurance Is Necessary in Medford

At VIU by HUB, we understand that living in Medford means the summers are hot and the winters are wet. With rivers running through the valley and the mountains filled with dry timber, homeowners have risks. Living in an area prone to rainstorms and fire means that you not only need to protect your home from everyday events but also must shield it from mother nature. Fortunately, our Medford, OR home insurance policies can cover you from damages caused by the following:

Wildfires and Housefires – Medford, Oregon home insurance from VIU by HUB comes standard with fire protection. Whether it's an electrical blaze in your garage, a grease flareup in your kitchen or a wildfire started by lighting, our policies cover your loss. You have many choices in the amount of coverage you elect, so ensure you have enough to cover the replacement value of your belongings.

Water Damage – While Medford doesn't get as much rain as the coastal areas of Oregon, the 23 inches averaged each year can be enough to cause damage to your home. If the rain seeps in through the doors or windows, it can damage the sheetrock, wood and the foundation of your home. 

  • Ice Dams – Winter doesn't bring much snow to this locale, but temperatures routinely fall below freezing during the coldest months. This can occasionally lead to puddles of water freezing on your roof, causing ice dams. These ice blocks damage the roof's integrity and can allow water to seep inside your home ruining ceilings and walls.

When Additional Coverage Is Beneficial in Medford

We recognize that some areas are more susceptible to natural disasters. Medford has its fair share as it sits near fault lines that cause earthquakes and gets enough rain and snow runoff to cause the rivers to flood every year. These events may cause damage to your home that standard Medford home insurance policies exclude. These are unique instances when buying extra insurance may be a good idea.

  • Flood Insurance – A portion of the valley is well within the 100-year flood zone, and your mortgage lender may require flood insurance. As well, many homes near the foothills and low-lying areas are also prone to flood damage. Medford participates in the National Flood Insurance Program, a federal policy that allows us to insure any structure against flood damage even if it isn't in a floodplain. Adding this coverage to your policy means that you're protecting your home against all types of water and flood damage that may occur due to excessive urban flooding and mountain runoff.
  • Earthquake Protection– Since Medford experiences earthquakes each year, adding this protection to your home insurance is a smart choice. If cracks occur in your home's foundation or walls, windows break, or other damage ensues from an earthquake, you can get your home repaired with this additional protection. 

This information is intended for general informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.

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